Tips to Manage Waste

Whyalla residents are required to separate their waste by using the three bin system which is in place to reduce the impact of environmental and economic effect. Reducing your waste is easy; it just takes a little thought:


    • Pay attention to the amount of packaging on things you are buying; are they recyclable?
    • Buy larger and bulk packages if possible, for example, one large bottle of laundry detergent will last much longer than using multiple smaller bottles.
    • Cook more at home. Although you will inevitably end up with some garbage from wrappings, you will still produce less garbage than if you had a takeaway.
    • Fight Junk mail.
    • Reduce the amount of bottled water you purchase and bring in.


    • Recycle whenever possible to reduce the amount of garbage you end up putting in your bin.
    • Buy more durable and long-term products and take care of your clothes and appliances to reduce their turnover.
    • Instead of throwing away broken items, try repairing them or having them repaired.
    • Sell, give away or donate items that you don’t want.
    • Instead of throwing them away, compost your garden and food waste
    • Reuse shopping bags whenever possible.
    • Reuse plastic bottles and containers.
    • Reuse paper by printing on both sides, or letting your children draw on the back of used paper.
    • You can reuse envelopes by sticking paper over the address, or by using them as scrap paper on which to make notes.