Animal Management Services

Lost Dogs and Cats

If you have lost your dog or cat, please click on the link below, scroll to bottom of page select dog or cat and click search animals. All unidentified dogs and cats that have been impounded by Council's appointed Animal Management Officer will display.

For further information, please contact the Animal Management Officer on 0412 150 115.

Council's Dog and Cat Centre

The centre is located on Watts Street behind the RSPCA and is open 3pm - 4pm weekdays (except Public Holidays).

If your dog or cat is held at the centre a $39 release fee will apply, plus $19 for everyday or part day spent at the centre.

All dogs must be registered before they are allowed to leave the centre.

You can surrender (i.e. give up ownership) your dog or cat to council for a fee of $30 (if dropped off) or $35 (if picked up).

For all dog attacks please call 8640 3444, this line is available 24 hours a day.

If you have any interest in adopting a pet you can visit: or

After hours service for dogs

Afterhours (5pm-9pm weekdays, 9am-9pm weekends/public holidays)

Council’s Afterhours Call Centre – 8640 3444

Every dog owner has a legal responsibility to adequately contain their dogs to the premises and not allow them to wander.

Council offers a limited afterhours service for the collection and detention of lost or escaped dogs that have been found by residents and can be held for pick up by an animal management officer.

Dogs that are wandering or roaming will not be attended to by officers afterhours, however can still be reported to council so information on sightings can be passed onto owners who may be looking for their dog.

Cats are not attended to afterhours, no cat traps are to be set over the weekends or on public holidays as they will not be picked by council officers and will remain the responsibility of the person setting the trap until the next business day. See ‘Cat Information' below.

All complaints regarding dogs or cats (eg, barking dogs, dogs off leash, cats fighting/spraying, etc.) should be made to council during normal business hours so they can be investigated.

All dog attacks that occur afterhours can be reported to council and an officer will ring for required information and attend if necessary.  Alternatively, Police can be contacted for emergencies 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Injured Animals

Injured animals are everyone’s responsibility. If you hit a dog or cat whilst driving, you are legally required to stop and seek assistance for the animal by ringing a vet.  If you find an injured animal, call the RSPCA Hotline on 1300 477 722 to report it and follow their instructions on what to do with the animal.  Council officers are not required to attend to injured animals afterhours.  Alternatively, Police can be contacted for assistance 24 hours, day 7 days a week.

Registration of dogs

All dogs over three months of age must be registered/re-registered by 31 August each year.

Registrations expire on 30 June each year, however, there is a two month grace period before re-registration is to be completed.
The cost of registration (as of 1 July 2020);

Registration TypeFees - StandardFees - Concession
Desexed and microchipped$34.50$17.25
Not microchipped or desexed$69.00$34.50
Desexed, microchipped and trained$28.00$14.00
Only 2 dogs per property can be registered at concession rates. Any extra dogs on the property must pay the standard rate.

A $14.00 late fee will apply after 31 August every year if a dog is not re-registered. You will incur a fine if your dog is over three months of age and is not registered.

Cat Information

Registration of Cats

Registrations expire on 30 June each year, however, there is a two month grace period before re-registration is to be completed.

The cost of registration (as of 1 July 2020);

Registration TypeFees - StandardFees - Concession
STANDARD CAT -  Desexed and microchipped$18.00$9.00
NON STANDARD CAT -  Not desexed and/or not microchipped$69.00$34.50

As of the 1 July 2014 all cats will need to be microchipped and registered with the Whyalla City Council. For more information please click here.

Cat traps

Cat traps are available for hire though the Dog and Cat Centre. There is a deposit required of $50.00 which will be refunded when the trap is returned and a $15.70 per week charge for the cat trap*.

*Trapped cats will only be collected Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Council staff are not required to deal with cats or cat issues outside of normal business hours.
Privately owned cat traps that have not been hired through council will not be picked up or dropped off to residents. If you have trapped a cat in your own trap you can drop it into Council's Dog and Cat Centre between the hours of 3pm-4pm during weekdays and pick up your trap the following business day (between 3pm-4pm).

Please note:

  • No person may interfere with or remove the means by which a cat is identified.
  • The trap must not be used on any land or property without the consent of the occupier or owner of that land or property.
  • The trap must only be used for the purpose of trapping cats wandering at large on personal property.
  • You are personally responsible for the health and well being of any animal caught in the trap while it is in your possession and you must ensure that the animal receives adequate food, water and shelter until it is delivered to Whyalla Council's Dog and Cat Centre.
  • If you trap a cat, you must deliver it within 24 hours of capture to the Whyalla Council's Dog and Cat Centre between 3pm-4pm weekdays, or contact Council on 0412 150 115 to arrange an alternative time.

For more information about cat's please contact Whyalla City Council on 8640 3444 or the Dog and Cat Centre on 0412 150 115.

Change of ownership

If your dog has either:

  • Passed away;
  • been missing for more than 72 hours;
  • changed address, or
  • you have given your dog to someone else;

you are required, by law, to update your details on Dogs and Cats Online (DACO).

When you give your dog away, you must initiate a transfer in DACO and enter the name and address of the new owner. A transfer code will be generated for the new owner to log in to DACO, accept the animal and complete the transfer. The registration disc should also be given to the new owner.

For more information, or assistance with Dogs and Cats Online, please contact Council on 8640 3444 or email

Nuisance by dog or cat

This form must be completed and sent to Council before the Animal Management Officer can investigate the matter. Please give as much detail as possible and include your name and contact details for Council to be able to contact you for more information if required.

What is a nuisance dog or cat?

A nuisance dog or cat is one that:

  • consistently roams; or
  • makes persistent, excessive noise i.e. barking; or
  • repeatedly defecates on private property other than the property on which it is ordinarily kept; or
  • repeatedly causes substantial damage to anything outside the property which it is ordinarily kept.

Snake Catcher Information

If you have a snake issue or would like some information please contact one of the following people below:

Scott Grant0477 810 288
Gavin Boehm0421 768 277

Wildlife Rescue Whyalla

If you require any assistance with wildlife rescue after hours, please contact the below numbers:

0458 686 987
0447 741 819
0410 236 519