Kerbside Collection

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Kerbside Enquiry Line: 1300 559 206

Bin Applications

If your bin is damaged and is in need of repair contact Cleanaway on 1300 559 206.

If your bin needs to be replaced as it is missing or damaged beyond repair, please complete the "Kerbside Collection Service Application Form" listed below and lodge the application with Cleanaway via email to

Click here for the Kerbside Collection Service -  New, Cancellation, Additional, Missing bin application form

Please click here for the kerbside collection service policy Kerbside Collection Service Policy


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Three Bin System

Since January 2007, Whyalla residents have been working with Council to increase our waste diversion rate by separating their waste using a three bin system. Splitting your waste into the three bins saves room in your red lidded waste bin for non-recyclable materials; it also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions expelled through the breakdown of waste when landfilled.

If you are paying for a Kerbside Collection Service, your property should have the following bins:

140L waste bin (red lid)

Collected weekly

For tips on how to reduce the amount of waste you are putting into your red lidded bin, please click here.

240L recycling bin (yellow lid)

Collected fortnightly

See what can go in my Recycle Bin in order to leave room in your waste bin.

Also see general information on the 240L recycling bin and Where does your recycling go?

240L organics bin (green lid)

Collected fortnightly on the opposite week to your recycling bin.

Click to see what can be put in your 240L organics bin, in order to leave room in your waste bin.

If you want to save even more room in your waste bin, click here to find out how composting could reduce your waste by 48%!

Collection Areas

If you are unsure what day your bins are emptied you can check on the service calendar by checking the Related Information, or if you are unsure which area you are in for recycling/garden organics collection all our friendly customer service team and they will be able to assist you.

To make sure your bins are emptied by Council's Waste Contractor, follow these easy steps;

  1. When your bins are presented at the kerbside make sure there is 1 metre between bins, as the contractor needs to be able to pick bins up and place them down again.
  2. Make sure the wheels of the bin are nearest your property.
  3. Do not place bins under trees.
  4. Do not overfill your bins. Overfilled or excessively heavy bins may not be emptied.
  5. Make sure your recycling/garden organic bins are free from contamination. If you bins contain contaminated materials they will not be emptied.