Hard Waste

A hard waste collection service is offered to all residents. This will assist the most disadvantaged or people without access to transportation to utilise the Waste and Resource Recovery Centre.

Residents can call the Bedford Phoenix on 8647 7711 to book in for a hard waste collection.

This will be confirmed by the contractor one week prior to collection by phone call.


Check the lists below to ensure all your items are acceptable for collection. You will need to place the approved items out in a neat pile at the determined collection date.

'Yes' items

The following items are acceptable:

  • Fridges and freezers with doors removed
  • Furniture, bedding and carpets
  • Metal and timber items up to 2 metres in length
  • TV's, computer equipment and electrical appliances
  • Pottery, crockery and wash basins
  • Washing machines, dryers and stoves
  • Tools and gardening equipment
  • Empty paint tins and lids removed
  • Tree pruning tied in bundles up to 30cm in diameter
  • General waste items able to be handled by two people
'No' items

The following items are not acceptable:

  • NO liquid waste
  • NO car bodies, car parts, tyres or large scrap metal items
  • NO concrete, asbestos, bricks, rocks, dirt, cement sheeting, plasterboard
  • NO ammunition or explosives
  • NO gas bottles, cans containing paint
  • NO tree stumps
  • NO items placed in plastic bags
  • NO domestic recyclables such as bottles, cans or cardboard
  • NO business waste
  • NO other hazardous waste items as defined under the Environment Protection Act

Placement of items without a booking, illegal dumping and scavenging of items for commercial gain are offences under Council's Local Laws - offenders will be prosecuted.