Onsite waste control systems

Onsite Waste Control Systems

An onsite wastewater treatment system is a means of disposing of your effluent when there is no sewer available. Regulations under the South Australian Public Health Act 2011 delegate to Councils the responsibility for approving and monitoring wastewater works within council areas.

Applications - An application form must be completed, submitted with the appropriate accompaniments to Whyalla City Council and then approved prior to the commencement of any work.

Click on the following link to download the application form.

Onsite wastewater application(146 kb)

Wastewater Works Application Fees 2020/21 FINANCIAL YEAR

Application to Install a Waste Control System to new dwelling (less than 10EP)

Administration Fee + 3 Mandatory Inspections - $499.00

Application to Install a Waste control system to an existing dwelling (less than 10EP)

Aerobic System - Administration Fee + 2 Mandatory Inspections - $371.00

Septic System—Administration Fee + 1 Mandatory Inspection - $243.00

Application to Alter a Waste control system (less than 10EP)

Administration Fee + 1 Mandatory Inspection - $243.00

Additional fee for every 2EP in excess of a 10EP system - $25.50

Additional Inspections as deemed necessary - $128.00

Application for variation or revocation of a condition of a wastewater works approval - $115.00

Application for postponement of expiry of a wastewater works approval - $115.00

Waste Control Systems are designed, installed and operated using the following prescribed code; please refer to this when completing your application form.

SA Health Onsite Wastewater System Code(2901 kb)

Approvals - Once the application has been assessed, an approval certificate will be issued to the application to permit work to begin. Please note that incomplete applications will result in a delay in the approval process, ensure that the form is appropriately completed and signed by the relevant people PRIOR to submission.

Inspections - Whyalla City Council requires 24 hours notice to be given when arranging a mandatory inspection of the system. Failure to notify council when reaching a mandatory notification stage will result in penalties.

Plumbers undertaking works are required to submit a certificate of compliance for the works undertaken within 28 days after completing the work. Expiation's of $315 apply for non-compliance.

If you have any questions regarding onsite wastewater treatment systems please contact Nathan Gale, Environmental Health Officer at Whyalla City Council on 8640 3444.