Burning in Whyalla Council Area

The Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 is a policy that underpins the requirements of the Environment Protection Act 1993 and regulates burning in the open to ensure that a high standard of air quality is maintained and limits the impacts of smoke on human health.

The Air Quality Policy came into effect from 23 July 2016, and replaces the old rules around ‘Backyard Burning’.

There are two separate sets of requirements one for Metropolitan Adelaide and Townships and the other for Outside Metropolitan Adelaide and Townships. For the purposes of this policy Whyalla is considered a township, this includes the area of Mullaquana but excludes Murninnie Beach and Point Lowly and surrounding areas.

Non fire danger season

  • Lighting or maintaining a fire using charcoal, dry wood or other dry plant material for the purpose of preparing food or beverages.
  • Burning charcoal (but not wood or other plant material) in a brazier, chiminea or fire pit for domestic heating.
  • Burning off vegetation for fire prevention or control, or burning vegetation for any other purpose, provided that a permit has been granted by council.

Application for consent (Non Fire Danger Season)

  • Burning of prohibited substances including:
  • Burning is not permitted in any street, road or laneway.


Total fire ban days

The only fires you can use outside on a total fire ban day for cooking are gas stoves or kettles, gas barbecues and electric barbecues or stoves. These must be within 15 metres of a dwelling or on coastal foreshore in a four meter cleared area of flammable materials around and above.

More information on burning activities can be obtained from the Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016, or the Country Fire Service website. Fire safety information can be obtained from the Metropolitan Fire Service website or at the Council office.

Works Permits Application

Any work that is required to be carried out on Council's land requires separate approval before work can commence. The Whyalla City Council's Infrastructure Department manage all City Work approvals to ensure that work is carried out in a safe manner and that
hazards are minimised.

Works Permit Application