Cat Registration

Why does my cat have to be registered and micro-chipped?

The reason for this is to assist Council's Rangers to effectively manage the general cat population.

There are hundreds of feral and semi-owned cats (cats that rely on food from a variety of people but have no particular home or owner), that are left to roam, spread disease, breed, fight, urinate territory and generally cause a nuisance to residents. These cats are also contributing to many of the barking dog issues, particularly dogs barking through the night, that Council regularly deals with.

When does my cat have to be micro-chipped by and what will be the consequences of a non-registered cat?

All cats, once micro-chipped must be registered with Council between 1 July and 31 August and registration for each cat will be renewable annually, the same as dog registrations.

If Council picks up a cat that is not micro-chipped or has no ID collar, the cat will be impounded and held for 72 hours so an owner has the chance to collect their cat. A fee will be charged to collect the cat and microchip/registration fee will be paid by the owner before the cat is released.

What is the 'Cat Curfew'?

The cat curfew is simply a means to keep your cat from roaming the streets for its safety and the safety of other cats or dogs. Ideally your cat should to be kept indoors or in a cat run/enclosure at all times, however Council's Cat By-Law does have a 'Cat Curfew' which states that cats are not allowed to roam during the night between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

Where can I get more information from?

Council has a range of information available about cats in general, if you would like further information, please contact Council's Ranger Services Team on 8640 3444 or email or you can use the electronic submission form.

Or you can log into for more information.