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A STARCLUB is a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.

The STARCLUB Development program is an initiative of the South Australian Office for Recreation and Sport and is all about continuous improvement and ongoing development.

By measuring your club against the STARCLUB criteria, you are on the way to providing the best environment possible for your members and the wider community.

Where did the 25 questions come from for the STARCLUB Program?

You! Through grant applications, enquiries and working in partnership with clubs, the Office for Recreation and Sport has built up a profile of what a successful club looks like.

So what does a successful STARCLUB look like?

The Office for Recreation and Sport believes a STARCLUB is one with a clear vision going forward, is financially stable, provides a safe environment for all and has a strong membership base using a pool of volunteers to share the workload. The STARCLUB Development Program aims to guide your club along this path to success.

Where do I start?

Start by reading the information on this page, and think about how your club meets or is working towards meeting each of the criteria.

Share these questions with members of your club from the board/committee level to players and grass roots supporters. Discussing where different people think your club is positioned can be a very positive process in itself.

Don't worry if you cannot answer 'Yes' to every question the first, second or even the third time. The STARCLUB process is all about clubs identifying areas that need work and then planning to take positive actions to address those concerns over time.

To operate legally within SA, all clubs must meet the criteria in items 11, 16, 21, 1 (incorporation) and 2 (Risk Management). These mandatory questions are identified with the STARCLUB logo. If you answer 'No' to any of these, you should address them immediately. Please contact the Office for Recreation and Sport if you require assistance in these areas.

Must our club complete the online STARCLUB assessment tool?

No but it is recommended!

Making notes and putting together a basic action plan can be done using this booklet.

However, you can choose to go straight to the STARCLUB online assessment tool at, click on the STARCLUB logo and you will find all the resources and links to help your goals.

The first part of the online STARCLUB assessment asks for some basic club information. This enables the Office for Recreation and Sport to keep you updated with information on becoming a STARCLUB and may be displayed on websites and in other public documents. Sharing your information with your State sporting organisations or local council helps all parties understand the key issues and the best way to use the limited resources available for club development.

When you answer 'Yes' to a question, you will be asked for additional information to help the ORS build a better profile of clubs throughout South Australia. Please choose answers for all the drop-downs and boxes.

Answering a question with 'In progress' shows you are addressing the issues but you still have some work to do. Set a date to achieve the item and report against this in your monthly meetings as a reminder to deep your club moving ahead.

Answering 'No' to some questions may be the best thing you do for your club as it opens up suggestions and links to resources specific to address that criteria. These resources are constantly updated with new links added over time.

Oce you have completed all of the STARCLUB assessment questions, follow the instructions provided for saving, printing and submitting your answers. Your club's action plan can also be produced at this stage for further reference and motivation to keep your club moving ahead.

Setting out your action plan - five easy steps

  1. As you work through the website, identify the areas you want to improve and add them to your club's action plan.
  2. At the same time, make a list of the resources to help you achieve your objectives. You may need to check the web for suitable programs and resources.
  3. One you have finished the STARCLUB Assessment, prioritise the actions on your list.
  4. Next, set target dates for each action. Be realistic. You might only achieve one or two priorities in the first year.
  5. Identify leaders for each task and start to take action. Give these leaders ongoing support and celebrate your successes along the way.

Whyalla STARCLUB Field Officer Program

The STARCLUB Field Officer Program is a partnership between the South Australian Office for Recreation and Sport and regional councils, health services and community organisations. STARCLUB field officers work with sport and active recreation communities and are an essential community sport and active recreation resource. STARCLUB field officers work with the community to:

  • develop and maintain a strong, vibrant sporting and active recreation culture;
  • increase community participation in sport and active recreation;
  • improve the quality of sport and active recreation opportunities; and
  • develop and maintain well managed sustainable sporting and active recreation clubs and associations.

If you are a sport and recreation club, organisation, school, physical activity provider or community group contact Alberto Salatino who is Whyalla's STARCLUB field officer, on either 8640 3444, 0423 700 753 or email him here.

STARCLUB Field Officer Strategic Plan 2018-2021 PDF

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