Cemetery Plaques

Ordering a Plaque


Each interment in the Whyalla Cemetery lawn sections, rose tree garden sites and niche walls includes a bronze plaque and an appropriate monument (granite block or claypot).

If the standard grey granite and bronze plaque is not to your liking you may opt to provide an alternative monument however it must conform to the relevant dimensions which can be provided by the cemetery staff. Please discuss this with the staff at the cemetery as a reimbursement for the unused granite block/plaque may be applicable.

The bronze plaques are ordered online by cemetery staff and an appointment can be arranged (between 9-3 weekdays) by phoning the cemetery curator on 0408809199. The ordering process allows you to view the plaque as it is designed and modifications can be viewed immediately.

There are standard sizes of plaque dependant on the location of the interment and each plaque has a standard number of lines of text included. Extra lines of text may be included at an extra charge per line.

The standard plaque also includes one standard flat motif and extra motifs can be included at an extra charge per item. A library of motifs is available to peruse when you are in the process of designing the plaque with cemetery staff.

The colour of the plaque can also be changed from the standard brown however this also includes an extra charge.

Production of the plaque takes approximately 4-6 weeks and once it has arrived the cemetery staff will install it on the appropriate monument.

Prior to attending the appointment with the cemetery staff we recommend that you wander through the relevant section of the cemetery to give you an idea of what style, wording or motifs you may wish to include on the plaque.

If you have any enquiries, these can be discussed by contacting the Cemetery Curator or by calling the Whyalla City Council on (08) 8640 3444.