Animal & Plant Identification



Birds are a visible sign of a healthy ecosystem. However, some birds can cause nuisance for a variety of reasons. To better understand the birds in our area, perhaps one of the following links could be of assistance.


Have you found a frog? Perhaps you can hear them? If you want to try and find out what type of frog it is, perhaps this link can help. It even has the sounds they make to help confirm their identity.

Lost or Injured Animals

The sight of a lost or injured animal can cause a lot of distress to some people. If you find a lost or injured animal, remember that this animal is in a lot of distress, and may attack you. Your first priority is to protect the welfare of yourself and those around you, before dealing with the welfare of the animal. The links below may provide some assistance in resolving this matter.


Snakes and lizards are a highly valued part of healthy native ecosystems. Whyalla is home to a number of species of snakes and lizards. While some snake species are highly venomous, they are unlikely to attack you. However, never try and approach a snake for a closer look, and control the curiosity of your pets, to ensure we can all live safely together.


Spiders are often misunderstood and killed before they can be identified. People often find spiders in their homes, particularly after rain, as they wander about looking for a mate. If at all possible, regardless of species, a spider can be safely removed from your home to live another day outside.



Organic waste is an often untapped resource than can improve any soil. Rather than disposing of it in your green bin, perhaps you can try composting it. There are many ways this can be done, with various recipes available, depending upon the ingredients you have.

Native Plants

Whyalla has huge species diversity within its native plant population. These plants have developed ways to cope with Whyalla's hot dry summers, and limited rainfall, to thrive and support a huge variety of fauna. If you would like help to identify any of these plants, the links below may be of some assistance.


Many plants can be grown successfully in Whyalla. However, please be aware that some plants can do 'too well' growing here, and can become weedy. The links below can help you identify these plants, so your gardening project has the best chance of success.