The City of Whyalla elected members have approved an exciting new design for our jetty

Whyalla’s wishes have been granted with Council approval for an exciting new jetty design.

At the City of Whyalla’s March general meeting, the elected councillors unanimously approved the Option G (pictured) design for our new jetty. This option is similar to Option C with an additional 145m circle section.

The design and rough order costs were submitted to Council on March 2 deadline by the appointed consulting engineers Magryn and Associates.

jettyOption G consists of a 145m long and 4m wide structure with a large platform at the end and an additional 145m circle in the second half of the jetty. This was the preferred option from residents after an extensive public consultation conducted by Council last year.

Of the 359 public submissions for the preferred design of the jetty, 133 people voted for Option G while another 79 were in favour of Option C. Of the other designs, 59 were in favour of Option F with 58 voting for Option B.

Council CEO Chris Cowley said the elected members’ support for the favoured Option G was a resounding vote of confidence in the public consultation process and a win for the people of Whyalla who voiced their preferences for the new jetty.

Mr Cowley said the new jetty would cater for all members of the community and visiting tourists. The new 145x4m jetty will not only be longer than the old structure (122x3m) but would be more than double the size with the additional 145m circle.

“This is a fantastic result for Whyalla and an exciting new concept,” Mr Cowley said.

“Not only is this jetty going to be much longer than the old one, it now has an innovative extra circle that is going to put Whyalla on the map.

“This circle is something unique to South Australia and not seen in many other places in the world either.

“It allows the jetty to cater for recreational fishers and also tourists and locals who just want an enjoyable walk out on the jetty and over the water.

“We’ve more than doubled the size of the old jetty and made it even more accessible for everyone to get out on it to have a fish or just experience the magnificent waters were are so blessed to have here on our doorstep.”

The new jetty is now fully budgeted for with the help of $1m already in the bank, literally, from the former Labor State Government. Construction of the jetty will be done with steel pylons and concrete planks with plans to create a false reef under the new jetty with the demolition of the existing structure.

“It is going to be something everyone in Whyalla can be rightfully proud of and something that is going to be talked about throughout Australia." - CEO Chris Cowley

As project managers for the new jetty, Council is now negotiating for contractors and suppliers. The aim is to source all the steel locally and have the concrete planks made locally. Tenders will soon be issued for supply and construction.

Mr Cowley said construction was still on track to start in June or July and Council was pushing hard to have the jetty open by Christmas this year.

“To some it may seem this has been a long process but it is a necessary one to make sure this project is done right and is done with as much local involvement as possible,” he said.

“That includes the public consultation, which has been a spectacular success, and making sure as much of this work and supply of materials is kept here in Whyalla.

“With the public’s help in deciding on a design and as much local companies’ support in building this jetty as possible, we are going to have a jetty that is going to be one of the jewels of our city.

“It is going to be something everyone in Whyalla can be rightfully proud of and something that is going to be talked about throughout Australia.

“The benefits this is going to bring with tourism, and just simply for all Whyalla residents to enjoy, makes this another big-break moment on this incredible wave of confidence we are riding in this city.”

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