An exciting new event is on its way to Whyalla for the Easter Long Weekend.

uneARThing the wonders of Whyalla

An exciting new event is on its way to Whyalla for the Easter Long Weekend.

uneARTh will be a two day event running over the Easter Long Weekend, combining three major events into two days of fun and festivities.

In anticipation for the end of the long-running Australian Snapper Fishing Championship, Whyalla City Council has been working hard to come up with a major event just as iconic to be run at Easter.

The council entered into discussions with the Adelaide Fringe earlier this year in an effort to bring a portion of its festival program to Whyalla in 2017.

Whyalla City Council will jointly fund the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Whyalla, committing $55,000 to bringing the major event to Whyalla, in addition to $40,000 provided by the state government.

Whyalla mayor Lyn Breuer said she was thrilled that the state government was providing financial backing for a positive community event to be held in the city, and was already looking forward to Easter in 2017.

“The newly developed uneARTh festival is going to be something that Whyalla has never seen before,” Ms Breuer said.

“The council is working closely with a number of parties to bring something completely new to Whyalla that is sure to appeal to the interests of everybody in many different ways.

“Whyalla’s new Easter event is set to shed a positive light on the region, and encourage tourism activity within the city.”

In addition to the Adelaide Fringe, the council has been working with organisers of the Queen of the Desert 4WD festival, which raises funds for men’s cancer charity Blue September.

The Queen of the Desert Festival previously started its four day trip from Marree, finishing in Coober Pedy, however next year will now follow a new route, departing from Whyalla.

A colourful parade featuring the decked out 4WDs taking part in the Queen of the Desert festival will kick the weekend off, with participants set to dress their beloved 4WDs in various themes based around Australian film.

To finish off the weekend, the council will also be hosting the Rainbow Run, which debuted in Whyalla earlier this year as part of the 2016 Youth Week celebrations.

“Whyalla’s community is incredibly diverse, and through this event we are aiming at catering to the many different interest and cultural groups that we have here in Whyalla,” Ms Breuer said.

“I am very excited to see this event come to fruition, because I know what will be delivered will be something remarkable.

“I encourage members of this community to mark the Easter Long Weekend in their diaries, and to invite their family and friends to Whyalla for what is set to be an amazing weekend of quality fun and festivities.”

Former Whyalla girl and Adelaide Fringe Director and chief executive officer Heather Croall said live entertainment including music, cabaret and circus performances would cap off a fantastic line-up of events being held in Whyalla over the Easter Long Weekend.

“Adelaide Fringe is expanding to more regional areas across South Australia next year than ever before, and I’m thrilled that Whyalla will get its very own event for the first time,” she said.

"I’m particularly excited about this event because I grew up in Whyalla and I know the locals will really get behind it and embrace the festivities.

“Easter is such a wonderful time to be in Whyalla, and this new and exciting event will be another great reason for people to visit the stunning region.

"Adelaide Fringe is all about taking a risk and trying something new, so it’s fantastic that Whyalla is seizing the opportunity to become part of our festival ‘family’ in 2017.”

Further details about the upcoming events and participation in the Queen of the Desert 4WD festival will be made available in the coming weeks.

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