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Point Lowly Cottages upgrade continues

Published 3rd August 2023
Restoration works on the Point Lowly Cottages are starting to make visible progress.

Cottage Aerial 1

Upgrade to the Point Lowly Cottages with the lighthouse in the background. Photos courtesy of McMahon Services

Point Lowly Cottages upgrade continues

03 August 2023

Restoration works on the Point Lowly Cottages are starting to make visible progress, as the long-awaited upgrade continues to take shape.

Much of the project to this point has been preparing the site for construction works, including dealing with legacy issues and stripping the interior ready for refurbishment.

Mayor Phill Stone said progress can now be seen externally, with new concrete slabs completed last week.

“The preparatory and foundation work has now been done, so there will now be rapid progress in the next few months, with timber framework for the extensions starting this week,” Mayor Stone said.

“It’s just great to see local contractors from McMahon Services already making improvements and I can’t wait to see the facility once it’s fully refurbished and restored.

“This heritage-listed facility is such an important part of our Northern Coastline and the history of our city, as well as being a drawcard for tourists.”

As can be seen from the top-down photo, concrete foundations are now in place for extensions to both cottages, while new plumbing has also been installed, including a new wastewater system (to the right of the main fence).

The cottages have been closed since early 2021, with Council working with SA Heritage and Plan SA to ensure that the renovation works stay true to the property plans and meet the heritage requirements.

The project remains on track to be completed by the end of the year, with a reopening date expected in the first quarter of 2024. Updates will be provided as the project progresses.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the refurbishment work completed and remaining:

  • Removal of all later-addition timber lean-to structures (due to termite damage)
  • Removal of bathrooms contained within later-addition timber lean-to structures
  • Removal of existing kitchens
  • Returning seaward-facing porches to original verandah configuration
  • Addition/extension of kitchen, dining and living areas landward
  • Addition of bathrooms, including one DDA bathroom within one cottage
  • Restoration of existing timber, including fireplaces (chimneys to be sealed), skirting and architraves
  • Restoration of existing timber flooring

The project has been made possible thanks to the Government of South Australia’s Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Program, as part of Council’s Northern Coastline Masterplan.

Cottage Aerial 2