Dog walking during COVID-19

22nd May 2020
A reminder to dog owners


Whyalla City Council would like to remind dog owners of some simple safety rules and regulations to following while they are out walking their dogs.

“The pandemic has sparked an increase in people taking their dogs for walks,” said Whyalla City Council Acting CEO, Kristen Clark.

“We acknowledge the positive outcomes that flow from pet ownership and would just like to take the opportunity to remind owners to do the right thing when out and about with their dogs” said Mr Clark.

Council has many dog-friendly areas including a dedicated dog park, on the corner of Searle St and McLennan Avenue which is open from sunrise to sunset.

Mr Clark reminded dog owners they had a responsibility to ensure their dogs are well behaved when out in public.

“It is always a good idea to socialise your dog by undertaking basic obedience training and when out in public, being considerate of other people,” he said.

“It’s important to keep our public assets clean and tidy, which is why council has a large number of ‘doggy doo’ bag dispensers and bins around the city.”

Mr Clark reminded dog owners that it is an offence to walk your dog in a public place without a leash and that the following regulation applies under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.

A dog will be considered “Wandering at Large” if the dog;

  • is in a public place (other than a park) or a private place without the consent of the occupier, and no persons is exercising effective control of the dog by means of physical restraint (on a leash of 2 metres or less in length restraining the dog).

“Walking your dog in a public place without a leash is an offence and can attract an expiation fee of $210,”said Mr Clark.

When exercising your dog in a park (park means a park, garden, reserve, or other similar public open space, within the area of a council), the dog must be under effective control.  ‘Effective control’ means your dog can be controlled by voice command and does not need to be on a leash.

The Foreshore Area (including Ada Ryan Gardens) and the Wetlands are ‘On Leash’ only areas. However, the area from Dunstone Street towards the Mangroves is designated ‘Off Leash’.  The area is well sign posted and is outlined in the diagram below.

Dogs must also be on leash within 20 metres of playgrounds, and both skate parks.

Dogs can also be exercised at the Jubilee Park Oval, as it is fenced.

More information about how to be a responsible dog owner can be found on the Good Dogs SA website: