Council to provide COVID-19 relief

28th April 2020

Whyalla City Council is committed to providing relief to local businesses, community groups and residents, to soften the blow of the coronavirus pandemic.

Council recently approved the deferring of rates payments on application until August 31, with fines and interest waived, to provide relief for impacted rate payers.

In addition, leases and rental payments for community groups have been waived for 3 months and commercial lease and licences held with Council may be eligible for a 3 month waiver on application.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Kristen Clark said Council is in the process of finalising a more comprehensive relief package.

“We are now working through an additional series of support measures. We want to ensure we are providing the best relief options,” Mr Clark said.

Among the options being considered are:

  • A lower than projected rate increase for next year
  • Future waiving of business rates for impacted businesses equivalent to the duration of the pandemic
  • Provision of Community Grants to continue
  • An extension of the waiving of leases and rental payments for community groups using Council premises, based on the length of the pandemic (potentially a $125,000 windfall for the community over 6 months)
  • An extension of waiving of commercial lease and licences held with Council on application, based on the length of the pandemic

Mayor Clare McLaughlin said Council will also seek ways to inject more dollars into the local economy.

“Council is actively looking to increase spending in the local area. Already Council spends 42% of the procurement budget locally. We want to increase this number, if possible.”

Council expects its 2020/21 budget to inject approximately 22 million directly into the Whyalla community.

The public will be asked for input into the plans with a final decision expected by June.

Impacted rate payers should contact council for an application form or download here Application for Deferral of Rates (COVID-19)

For more information please read the brochure here Hardship Brochure