Council reaches decision on Clean Seas

24th July 2020
A decision has been reached regarding Clean Seas proposal to use the Point Lowly launching facility

After many months of thorough dialogue and discussion, public meetings and community consultation a decision has been reached regarding Clean Seas’ proposal to use the Point Lowly launching facility.

Whyalla City Council, at its meeting held on Monday 20 July 2020, unanimously resolved “that, after careful consideration of the proposal, Council, on balance, considers the risks outweigh the public value of the proposal, and therefore resolves not to enter into an agreement with Clean Seas Seafood Ltd, with regard to the use of the Point Lowly launching facility.”

Mayor Clare McLaughlin said Council had spent a long time deliberating the merits of the development.

During the past 12 months, Council has undertaken extensive discussion with representatives from Clean Seas and believes it has been very responsive to proposals put forward and active in seeking an outcome for both Clean Seas, Council and the community.

Council has accepted all invitations from Clean Seas to meet and discuss the matter and has reached out for further meetings to ensure the negotiation process, during the past 12 months, has not been delayed.

Mayor McLaughlin said councillors had spent a long time doing their due diligence, however after a lengthy engagement process it became clear that an agreement would not be reached.

“Councillors have listened to the concerns of our community and have decided that this development doesn’t fit with our plans to grow the incredible tourism opportunities we have at Point Lowly,” said Mayor McLaughlin.

“Council’s primary role is to ensure that it protects its assets and the interests of the community. We believe that we have done that.”