Stormwater Management Plan

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What is a Stormwater Management Plan?

A Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) is a strategic planning document which aims to address existing stormwater problems within a catchment, or catchments, and identify opportunities for providing a range of benefits through a multi-objective planning process. This multi-objective planning includes consideration of flood risk, protection of water quality and opportunities for stormwater reuse.

In the context of the City of Whyalla, the catchments are shown by Whyalla SMP Figure 2.2 and the area considered by the SMP is defined by a study area shown in Whyalla SMP Figure 2.1 below.

Whyalla SMP Figure 2.1 Study Area(1861 kb)

Whyalla SMP Figure 2.2 Major Catchments(1666 kb)

Why has the Stormwater Management Plan been prepared?

There have been numerous occurrences of flooding within Whyalla, including those in November 2015 and September 2016. Whilst heavy downpours have historically resulted in nuisance flooding within the city, there had been no detailed assessment of the flooding risk posed by varying rainfall events to clearly document the extent and severity of problem areas.

In response to this, Council, with financial support from the State and Federal Governments, has commissioned Tonkin Consulting to develop a Stormwater Management Plan for the City of Whyalla.

The document provides a clear understanding of the current issues and will enable Council to develop a consistent, sustainable, environmentally aware and integrated approach to stormwater management which will provide a framework to address priority drainage issues, integrate future development, land use and infrastructure planning across the city.

Whilst largely driven by the need to address stormwater flooding within the city, Council are also keen to explore opportunities for integrated water management, including addressing the quality of water discharging to Spencer Gulf and potential reuse to augment Council’s existing non-potable irrigation scheme.

Whyalla's Stormwater Management Plan

The Whyalla Stormwater Management Plan:

  • Clearly sets out the objectives for managing stormwater in the city;
  • Identifies actions (both structural and non-structural) to manage stormwater to achieve beneficial outcomes and meet the specified objectives;
  • Provides justification for further catchment studies, works, measures and actions;
  • Provides an initial estimate of capital and recurrent costs, priority and timeframes for each of the identified actions; and
  • Defines the obligations of the relevant parties in funding, implementing and communicating the plan.

The Whyalla Stormwater Management Plan has been jointly funded by:

If you would like further information on Whyalla’s Stormwater Management Plan an appointment may be made with a Council Officer by contacting Customer service on 08 8640 3444.

Stormwater Harvest and Re-use Strategy

What is the Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy?

The Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy (SHRS) is a strategic planning document that aims to maximise the economic use of stormwater runoff for beneficial purposes.  The SHRS is set out to assess a catchment, or catchments, and identify opportunities to maximise harvesting and reuse of stormwater. These opportunities are assessed for practicality, including economic feasibility.  The SHRS also assesses current and projected demands and conditions to provide a comprehensive understanding of opportunities for the area being assessed.

wetlands basin

Why has the Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy been prepared?

The City of Whyalla’s Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) was endorsed by Council and the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board (previously Eyre Peninsula Natural Resource Management Board) mid-2019.  The SMP was partially funded by the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) and the Stormwater Management Authority (SMA), who conditionally approved the plan June 2019.

One of the SMA’s approval conditions was that Council develop a Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy (SHRS) as recommended by the SMP.  The SHRS has been prepared to meet this condition and ensure approval of Whyalla’s SMP is maintained.  This approval provides Council with ongoing eligibility to apply for funding grants for works related to stormwater.

Council also prepared the SHRS to assess current water security and to identify opportunities to increase this and meet future demand.  Council aimed to ensure future capital works include consideration for harvesting and reuse of stormwater.

Whyalla's Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy

The SHRS provides clear understanding of current conditions and limitations, and potential opportunities related to stormwater and recycled water throughout the community.  The SHRS quantifies current water demands, and estimates future demand taking into consideration climate change and potential developments within the community.  The SHRS both assesses and provides details of opportunities to harvest, store, treat and reuse stormwater.  These opportunities are related to specific locations in and conditions of Whyalla.  Council is able to refer to these opportunities during future planned works and incorporate harvesting and reuse works where it benefits the community. Council is also able to consider these options where water demand or costs increase.  Consideration and delivery of these opportunities, or components of, increases Whyalla’s water security.  This leads to reducing costs to the community and improving liveability for the town’s population.

The Whyalla Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy:

  • Assesses existing demands and water usage, including the existing use of recycled wastewater supplied by SA Water
  • Assesses future demand, including increases caused by:
    • Impacts of climate change (50 year time scale).
    • Additional Developments within Whyalla with increased greenspace or increased levels of user amenity.
  • Provides harvesting opportunities with costing and potential yields
  • Identifies triggers of opportunities that see them benefit the community, such as:
    • Development of existing sites
    • Costs increases of other water sources
    • Future stormwater projects that could include harvesting at lower cost

The SHRS has been prepared as a reference document to inform Council of practical work that would increase water security and benefit the community.


The Whyalla Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy

The Whyalla Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy


Council welcomes written feedback regarding the Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy during the consultation period ending 04 February 2021. Please provide this using the contact details below.


Post: PO Box 126, Whyalla SA 5600


If you would like further information on Whyalla’s Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Strategy please contact Council by contacting Customer service on 08 8640 3444 or