Public Questions

During each Ordinary Council meeting, Council allocates a time, as listed in the Council Agenda for Public Question Time.

Submissions for Public Question Time Questions are to be submitted to Council on the Public Question Time form and are to be received by the Chief Executive Officer by 12 noon of each Ordinary Council meeting day.

All persons who wish to ask a public question at a Council meeting are required to fill out the Public Question Time Form below – no verbal questions will be permitted at the time of the Council meeting.

The Mayor has the discretion to accept or not to accept a particular question.

Please follow Council’s Public Question Time Procedure and Public Question Time Form below for the process to be followed for submission of Public Question Time Questions.

In a sign of transparency, openness and accountability Council will list all the public questions asked at the time of Council meetings and the relevant responses to these questions on this page.

Public Question Time Procedure and Form(268 kb)

Public Question Time Form(115 kb)

Public Question Time Form(27 kb)


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