Whyalla Advisory Taskforce

It is no secret that Whyalla is going through challenging times.  With a downturn in mining and manufacturing resulting in many job losses locally, the Whyalla community is doing it tough.

In these trying times Council is determined to chart a course to directly influence its future and has established a dedicated taskforce to advocate, lobby and influence positive outcomes for this important region amidst a poor economic climate.

The Whyalla Taskforce is a working party of council and membership comprises representatives from Whyalla’s key industry sectors, the town’s major employers and the key business advocacy group(s), the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, one elected member and the Council CEO.

The functions of the Taskforce are to:

  • Provide an avenue for information and advice to Council concerning the key issues and challenges facing the Whyalla community.
  • Draw to the attention of the State and Federal Government the current issues and challenges facing Whyalla.
  • Advocate, lobby and influence outcomes within State and Federal Government to jointly address the issues and challenges facing Whyalla relating to:
    • local job losses
    • outward migration of residents
  • Promote solutions that will increase the population via the attraction of new residents and stem the loss of current residents, attract new public and private investment, create local job opportunities, and improve the broader appeal and liveability of Whyalla.

Copies of the Taskforce agenda, attachments and notes of the meeting can be viewed below:


Whyalla Advisory Taskforce Agenda

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Whyalla Advisory Taskforce Minutes

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