Interviews with Elected Members

As Council celebrates fifty years, our Councillors sat down to reflect on this significant milestone. First up is Mayor Clare McLaughlin, sharing her thoughts on the last 50 years of Council and Whyalla with some personal reflections thrown in.

Mayor Clare McLaughlin

Next is Councillor David Knox, sharing some of his memories of the past 50 years in Whyalla.

Councillor David Knox

Here is Councillor Zia Westerman, sharing her thoughts about Whyalla's past and it's future.

Councillor Zia Westerman

Councillor Tamy Pond talks about her love for Whyalla and the community and what 50 years of Council means to her.

Councillor Tamy Pond

Councillor Joanne Marshall reflects on her time growing up in Whyalla and some of her favourite spots over the years.

Councillor Joanne Marshall

Councillor Rick Santucci shares some of his memories of the past 50 years in Whyalla

Councillor Rick Santucci

Acting CEO Kristen Clark shares his thoughts on 50 years of Council.

Acting CEO - Kristen Clark