What do I need to do if my footpath is nominated for a concrete footpath upgrade?

Council will inform all affected residents in writing prior to footpath construction. You must return the enclosed acknowledgement slip contained within the correspondence sent to you if you are the property owner. We will still notify you as an occupant if you are renting your property, in this case you do not need to return the acknowledgement slip.

While constructing footpaths, Council ensures that all driveways are paved in concrete, as provided by Section 218 of the Local Government Act 1999 except if already constructed to a minimum standard as defined below. Costs to bring a driveway to minimum standard must be borne by the property owner as in accordance with the Act and will be undertaken to mitigate any hazards for pedestrian users and maintain the integrity of the footpath area.

The minimum standard of a driveway crossover accepted by Council is concrete from kerb to boundary to a depth of at least 100mm, with a surface structure of good quality and free of any obstructions and tripping hazards. Driveway crossovers of asphalt or block pavers over a suitably constructed base are also acceptable.

In areas such as industrial, reinforcing mesh may be requested as a minimum in driveways at the discretion of the Group Manager Engineering and Infrastructure.