Private Stormwater Drainage

The applicant will be responsible to the relevant authority of depths and widths of trenches and the correct placement of all pipes, cables, conduits, etc.

Using pipes

  • The top of the pipe must be at least 25mm below the level of the footpath.
  • The pipe must not protrude beyond the face of the kerb.

Using box culverts

  • The bottom and sides of the box must be solidly formed or set in concrete.
  • Cover plates must be recessed flush with the footpath and top of concrete slab and they must be securely fixed down with suitable non-rusting bolts, screws, etc.
  • The junction of concrete drain with the concrete kerb must be neatly formed.
  • The end of the cover plates must not protrude beyond the face of the kerb.

The owner or occupier of the premises will remain responsible for the maintenance of the services, and shall maintain them in a safe condition at all times.