Why do I need approval?

Development can affect you, your neighbour and the community now and in years to come.

Development approval is required to ensure that the development is consistent with the local policy envisaged for the area which would normally be set out in your Council’s Development Plan.

Development Approval is a legal requirement which has been put into place to protect individuals, the community and the environment.  Undertaking development without an approval is illegal and potentially dangerous.  Should some damage or an accident occur your insurance may not be valid and you and/or your builder could be liable for damage caused to other people’s property.

Development Approvals regulate development in an attempt to:

  • Enhance the conservation, use and management of land and buildings;
  • Enhance the amenity of buildings, the streetscape and local areas;
  • Provide for the health and safety of people who use buildings;
  • Ensure efficient and uniform technical requirements for buildings; and
  • Advance the public interest.

A planning approval aims to ensure that the development will not look out of place in the area and to maximise the positive impacts and minimise the potential negative impacts on the community around it.  It is essential that a development be right for an area and community because it may exist for decades.

A wide variety of activities are classified as development.  This could include anything from a verandah to a manufacturing shed.  It is important for these developments to have the approval of the relevant authority, this may be local government (Council) or State government (Development Assessment Commission).