Where do I get help preparing my application

Preparing a good quality application will improve the processing of the application and will often result in a better outcome. Preparing all of the information at the start of the process can also help you to resolve any possible problems with the proposal before you lodge your application. This will save you time and possibly money, as it will reduce the possibility of you having to amend your plans later on.

There are forms and brochures available on this website to help you to work out what information you need to prepare your Development Application. It is a good idea to speak to Council’s planning staff while you are preparing your application.

If your proposal is complicated or you are not confident in preparing an application yourself you could employ a Planning Consultant to help you put together your application and to help you throughout the process.

Planning Consultants are qualified professionals who understand Council Development Plans and processes. They will be able to advise and assist you throughout the process of your application, from helping you to design your proposal and putting your application together, to liaising with Council and responding to any issues raised during Public Notification.

Using a Planning Consultant to prepare your application can save you time and money in the long run – both in the application process and the development outcomes.

You can find Planning Consultants listed under “Town Planning” in the Yellow Pages, or you can find local consultants who have committed to high standards of professionalism and competency via the PIA Website Consultants Directory.  The Consultants Directory is an online directory which you can search to find a suitable consultant for your area and type of development. The Directory is available by visiting www.planning.org.au and following the link to the Consultants Directory. Planning Consultants in the Directory are members of the Planning Institute of Australia and are committed to delivering high quality, professional planning advice.