What fees do I need to pay?

Costs associated with Development Assessment

The cost of a Development Application varies greatly depending on the type of development and the use of professional advice. In addition to Development Assessment fees charged by the relevant authority, Development Assessment costs may include the following:

  • Planning Assessment fees.
  • Building Assessment fees.
  • Surveyor.
  • Drafts person.

While using professional advice is an additional cost, the resulting application is typically of a higher standard and may have a better chance of a fast approval. Good professional advice will also result in a better development outcome, so it is worth considering getting professional help to prepare your application, particularly if it is of a complex nature.

The following Development Assessment fees came into effect on 1 July 2013. These fees will be updated and are only current for a year. These fees may also vary from time to time. You should check with your Local Council prior to lodgement of your application if you want to be absolutely certain of the cost.

Development Application Fees

pdf Development Application Fees(34 kb)

Development Application Form

pdf Development Application Form(41 kb)

Electrical Declaration Form