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Ada Ryan Gardens

A leafy memorial to the foresight of the early city fathers, Ada Ryan Gardens is Whyalla's most popular park located between Cudmore and Watson Terraces, and linked to the Whyalla Foreshore to provide a large, relaxing park area.

The gardens offer extensive and well shaded lawns and gardens; free BBQs and picnic facilities; four free tennis courts and a basketball court; playground equipment, and public toilet facilities. The gardens have paved paths throughout, enabling wheelchair access.

The gardens were the site of Whyalla's first cemetery, which was moved in August 1918 to the current cemetery in Broadbent Terrace.

Ada Ryan Gardens was the first major park established in Whyalla and named after the wife of the chairman of the then City Commission, Charles Ryan.

Civic Park

Civic Park includes a central garden, playground, and free BBQ and picnic facilities adjacent to a lawned area.

Facilities also include a soundshell which features an impressive red "sail" when in use. The soundshell has been the centrepiece for annual Christmas carol singing, rock and jazz concerts and festivals.

In 2002 a skate park and dirt bike jump track was constructed alongside an existing skate bowl. The facility was developed with significant input from local youth. Officially named "RiskIt Park", it can be used for skate boarding, roller-blading and bike riding. Infrastructure includes a "fun boy, pyramid and grind rails." The park also boasts a half and full court basketball facility.

Whyalla Wetlands

The Whyalla Wetlands is both a recreational and educational storm water purification facility developed by the Whyalla City Council.

It's based on the remaining 24.8 hectares of the original aerodrome, which operated on the site until 1951.

The final development includes almost 6 hectares of artificial lakes fed by a combination of underground seepage and storm water runoff.

In its earlier stages, the Whyalla Norrie Rotary Club was heavily involved in working with the City Council to develop many of the existing facilities.

A viewing and parking area with a free BBQ, shelter, picnic benches, lawn and landscaping, is accessible from Lincoln Highway.

In keeping with the sustainable theme of the wetlands, there are environmentally friendly hybrid toilets (which are virtually waterless). The facility also includes baby change facilities and disabled access wheelchair ramps all the way to the toilets.

Other features throughout the wetlands include extensive pedestrian paths around all lakes, park benches strategically located along the paths and a gazebo atop the central hill. Two disabled access ramps have been constructed from the car park and the BBQ shelter, giving access to paths around the lakes.

The continually improving habitat of the site has seen bird life not usually seen in Whyalla being attracted to the site, including sightings of the Reed Warbler, Native Hen, Black Winged Stilts, Masked Lapwings, various species of duck (including Chestnut Teals), Great Egret, Common Greenshank, Herons, Cormorants, Ibis, Pelicans, Black Swans, Red Necked Avocet and Ravens - to name a few.

Small native fish (Hardyheads from the Flinders Ranges) have been introduced to establish a balanced ecosystem, including the control of mosquitoes.

The Wetlands Walk is part of the Whyalla Heritage Trailways, and as such interpretive signs are interspersed throughout the wetlands providing information about the city's water management initiatives, the Whyalla Strategic Bicycle Plan and a wealth of historical information.

Wilson Park

Located 600 metres south of the Whyalla Visitor Centre, this park provides views extending over the OneSteel Whyalla Steelworks and the more distant Port Bonython and Point Lowly area, free sheltered BBQs and picnic facilities, ample shade and lawns, playground, and 24-hour toilets.

Parking for cars, caravans and coaches is readily accessible.

A symbolic structure of an inverted ship's rudder stands 10 metres high and was presented to the people of Whyalla in 1974 to mark the jubilee of the naming of the township of Whyalla.

Another salute to Whyalla's shipbuilding past is located at the intersection opposite Wilson Park. A 2.5m high white Kedge anchor is proudly mounted in a landscaped garden bed. The anchor was used by early steamships to tow themselves into new positions after berthing.

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