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Cuttlefish FAQ

Where do I go to view the cuttlefish?
Some infrastructure has been installed at Black Point and Stony Point to enable access to the cuttlefish. At Black Point there is a wooden staircase which leads down to the rocky shoreline. At the Santos western boundary fence there is a 60 metre pathway made of recycled materials which leads down over the rocks to the high water mark (access to the Santos side of the fence line is prohibited). Please note there are no toilet and shower facilities at these locations but these are available closer to the lighthouse.

Do I have to get in the water with them?
Yes, it is the best way to see the cuttlefish.

How cold is the water?
The water temperature is between 12 C and 15 C from June to August.

Can I snorkel with the cuttlefish?
Yes, definitely! You can snorkel or scuba dive with the cuttlefish.

Do I need a wetsuit?
We would recommend you wear a wetsuit as the cuttlefish are spawning during the winter months and therefore the water temperature is quite cold.

Is there a dive shop in Whyalla?
We have one dive shop in Whyalla:

  • Whyalla Diving Services - 33 Playford Ave, Whyalla Playford
    Contact Tony Bramley 0438 458 050, 8645 8050 or 8644 1141 (after hours)

Can I view the cuttlefish from the shoreline?
No, unfortunately it is not possible to see the cuttlefish from the shoreline, you do need to get into the water to see and experience them.

Do they come up onto the rocks?
No, the live cuttlefish are in the water (you may observe dead cuttlefish washed up onto the rocks).

Why isn't there a glass bottomed boat?
There has been lots of discussion about a glass bottomed boat, but it comes down to the fact that the cuttlefish are a seasonal phenomenon. It is not financially viable to invest in a glass bottomed boat that only gets used for approximately four months of the year, as much as we would like it otherwise!

What if I can't get into the water with them?
Then unfortunately at this point in time you will not be able to experience the cuttlefish. However, we have a DVD for sale in the Whyalla Visitor Centre with approximately ½ hour footage of the Whyalla cuttlefish ($15.00).

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