Amendment of Development Plan

The Remote area and Minor Residential DPA (Development Plan Amendment) has been authorised / approved by the Minister.  This has introduced two changes to the Whyalla Development Plan:

  1. The Local Centre zoning of a small number of Wood Terrace properties has been replaced by a Residential Zoning (Map 21).
  2. Pastoral land south and southwest of Whyalla now has a Remote Area zoning (Map 1).

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact Planning Manager Jason Willcocks on 8640 3444.

Development Plan

Council's statutory planning function relates to fulfilling its obligations under the Development Act.

Each Council has a Development Plan which provides direction as to the desired character of areas, as will as setting out specific criteria against which development applications are assessed.

Council's Development Plan may be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the link provided.

Council periodically undertakes a review of the Development Plan to ensure that it is appropriate for its area and also consistent with broad directions expressed in the Planning Strategy for Regional South Australia.



Council has formed a Nomenclature Committee to ensure a consistent and equitable system for the selection of street names and location names.  The Committee consists of Council Staff, Elected Members and Community Representatives who collectively investigate all street name nominations.  Once nominations are considered they are forwarded to Council for approval and placed on a priority list for future use.

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