Closing date for next round
Friday, 24 August 2018

Community Grants are now available to non-profit clubs and organisations to support events and projects
within the City of Whyalla that benefit the community and meet a demonstrated need.

Applications for Council Community Grants are assessed quarterly with closing dates in March, June, September and November of each year.

Closing dates are advertised in the Whyalla News approximately six weeks before the closing date - dates for 2018 are:

  • Friday, 2 March
  • Friday, 1 June
  • Friday, 24 August
  • Friday, 2 November

If you require assistance or advice in completing the application form please contact Jennifer Barnes, Executive Assistant - People, Culture and Community on 8640 3444.

Application Forms

Community grant application guidelines form - Fillable PDF Form (Electronic Version)(3677 kb)
Community grant application guidelines form - Print and Complete (Handwriting Version)(180 kb)
Community grants report form(22 kb)  
Application for donation sponsorship template - Fillable PDF Form (Electronic Version)(1967 kb)
Application for donation sponsorship template - Print and Complete (Handwriting Version)(125 kb)

 General conditions for all grants

  • Applications for funding must be on official application form.
  • Where assistance is provided, the project must not be changed without the written consent of Council.
  • A grant recipient will immediately advise Council of any changes in the organisation structure.
  • Where a project or program runs over budget, Council is not responsible in any way for meeting any shortfall.
  • Council's assistance must be acknowledged where appropriate.
  • An organisation will only be eligible for funding once in any one financial year and no more than two consecutive financial years.
  • A completed evaluation form including an income and expenditure statement and copies of receipts must be submitted to the Group Manager Community within thirty days of the completion of the project.
  • An organisation will not be considered for further funding until evidence of the satisfactory expenditure of any funds previously forwarded to that organisation has been received.
  • Each application will be considered on its own merits within the framework of these guidelines and Council policy, with no guarantee of approved funding.
  • If successful with the application, the process from close of round to receipt of financial assistance can take approximately six weeks.

Please note, funding will not be considered for:

  • commercial undertakings;
  • requests of a recurrent nature;
  • assisting individuals to participate in events;
  • works or projects already commenced or completed by that round's closing date;
  • ongoing general running or maintenance expenses, e.g. postage, telephone, stationery, electricity, etc;
  • ongoing general maintenance expenses, e.g kitchen upgrades; and
  • fundraising ventures.

Types of projects that may be funded

The following items/projects may be considered for funding in this category. This list is not exclusive and applicants should discuss their project needs with Group Manager Community if in doubt.

  • Recreational and cultural activities.
  • Non-competitive sporting projects (skills development, professional demonstrations/training, guest speakers).
  • Program support.
  • Equipment purchases (excluding uniforms).
  • Local community celebrations.
  • Minor Infrastructure, e.g. pergolas, water tanks.


  • The maximum grant for any project is $5,000.
  • The project must have a clearly stated purpose and a practical plan for achieving that purpose.
  • The project should be a response to a clearly demonstrated need to be appropriate to that need.
  • Applications will only be accepted from non-profit community organisations with an established management structure.
  • Funding is not available to organisations holding a gaming machine license.
  • The project should encourage the involvement of volunteers where appropriate.
  • Projects must take place within the City of Whyalla Council area.
  • It is a requirement that a copy of the applicant's most recent income/expenditure statement accompany the application form.
  • Funding is not recurrent.
  • Applications received after 5pm on the closing date can not be accepted and will be held over until the next round.

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