Important piece of history donated


Mr Barry Hacker and his wife Bronwyn presenting the piece to Paul Mazourek

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Earlier this month the Whyalla Maritime Museum received a very special donation into its collection.

Mr Barry Hacker and his wife Bronwyn travelled from Port Macquarie, New South Wales, in order to personally deliver WWII artefacts into the care of the Maritime Museum.

Mr Hacker’s father John (Jack) Hilton Hacker, served as an officer of the Australian Army during the Papua New Guinea campaign during the years of 1943 – 1944.

Mr Hacker Senior passed away in 1991, and the family have held onto the artefacts ever since.

Barry visited Whyalla last year and during his stay took the time to tour the Maritime Museum and ship.  He was so impressed by this experience that he considered the possibility that he had found a permanent home for his father’s war relics.

Mr Paul Mazourek, Council’s Tourism Assets Development Officer, has been in discussions regarding the donation since last year.

“Barry has decided to donate the items to the Whyalla Maritime Museum due to our impressive reputation. This means a great deal to the museum and is something we can be proud of, the fact that someone has looked around Australia for a place to donate this amazing piece of history,” Paul said.

“Barry also felt encouraged to do so by the certainty that the items will be taken care of and preserved for future generations.”

Mr Mazourek will now be working on the best way to display the artefacts and their story at the WWII Gallery of the Maritime Museum.

Please note: The Maritime Museum will be closed until further notice due to recent Government restricitions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. For the full story and list of all closures visit

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