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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Clean up Australia Day (CUAD) is once again fast approaching with the national event on Sunday, March 1.

Council is committed to cleaning up Whyalla every day and we have so many great residents doing the same. Council spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in cleaning up litter and illegal dumping.

Council staff and contractors are out and about every day keeping our beautiful city clean and green by picking up litter, collecting rubbish and other items from our lanes and verges, offering hard waste collection for residents and spending time scouring the surrounding bush areas for illegally dumped items.

As part of CUAD this year Council is offering support to any person, group or business that organises a clean up activity.  This may be in the form of organising bags and gloves for members of your group, arranging to pick up bags of rubbish you have collected and take to landfill for you or arranging free dumping of items you have collected as part of CUAD.  Contact Jo McGrath at Council on 86403444 or to discuss your clean up activity.


CLEANING UP ALL YEAR: A crew from Bedfords cleans up an illegal dump site on behalf of Council.

Go on Whyalla! Join in this great initiative and get a group together, nominate an area to clean up and contact Council to see how they can help. The area you clean up could be a favourite place you like to visit, somewhere you drive past every day or a place you hear others complaining about.  Take some before and after photos for Council to promote the great work you and your group achieved. 

You can also sign up on the CUAD website where you can promote your clean up area or join in with someone else’s group. There are free resources available as well as adding to the national tally of rubbish collected

Council encourages residents to do the right thing every day in keeping our environment free of rubbish which is unsightly and in some cases hazardous and be thoughtful when disposing of rubbish and other items you no longer require. 

Council provides a FREE hard waste collection service to all households in Whyalla for one 7x4 trailer load each year.  You can access this service by booking in with Bedford on 8647 7711 or more information here

It is also useful to know what items you can take to landfill for FREE and what other people or services offer FREE collection of white goods, air conditioners etc so check out the Council website and even ask on Facebook – remember some people's trash can be other people's treasure.

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