Upcoming roadworks on several key intersections in Whyalla




ROADWORKS: This is what the upgrade will look like upon completion

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Work is set to commence the first week of February on Black Spot Program upgrades at several key round-a-bouts and intersections in Whyalla.

The contractor is expecting work to be completed in the first week of April. During this time there will be impacts on traffic flow at each of the three intersections.

The Black Spot Program is an Australian Government initiative that directly targets improvements to the safety of Australian roadways with proven crash history or that are high risks locations.

The program is a vital part of South Australia’s commitment to improving road safety and reducing road crashes and trauma on roadways.

Three intersections have been identified by the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) as Black Spots in Whyalla. These intersections are;

•             Nicolson Avenue and McDouall Stuart Avenue roundabout;

•             Jenkins Avenue and McDouall Stuart Avenue roundabout; and,

•             Nicolson Avenue and Hincks Avenue intersection.

Consultants were engaged to carry out assessments of crash history and intersection detail to identify causes of the Black Spot conditions and potential improvements to mitigate these causes for each intersection.

Recommendations for the two roundabouts, aimed at reducing frequency and severity of crashes, are to reduce entry speed and improve traffic flow through the intersections. Changes to entry geometry is recommended for both roundabouts to reduce entry speed.

Changing left lanes to left turn only for the Nicolson Avenue and McDouall Stuart Avenue roundabout is recommended to improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of failure to give way.

Lane configuration will be maintained at the Jenkins Avenue and McDouall Stuart Avenue roundabout, with recommendations focusing on entry geometry.

Recommendations for Nicolson Avenue and Hincks Avenue intersection involve increasing the visibility for vehicles exiting Hincks Avenue. Extending the give-way line further towards Nicolson Avenue and a change to a stop sign is recommended to improve visibility. Construction of traffic islands throughout the intersection is also recommended to support these changes.

The contractor has set out to impact traffic within the work areas as minimal as possible. There will be 25kmh work zones set up at each intersection with works coordinated to reduce the time these are required. There will also be lane closures at times for each of the roundabouts and a detour set up for the Hincks Avenue and Nicolson Avenue Intersection. Traffic Control personnel will be on site to clearly guide traffic in the area throughout the upgrade works. The contractor is looking set up a work site compound at the intersection of Hinks and Nicolson Avenue next to the tennis courts.

City of Whyalla council is urging motorists to take care during the period and to please be patient with the changed traffic conditions.

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ROADWORKS: Here are some more designs of the upcoming black spot program upgrades


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