Three groups meet with elected members and CEO


ENGAGEMENT: The first Community Group Engagement meetings kick off in the Council chamber this week.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Mayor Clare McLaughlin has thanked and praised the three Whyalla groups that attended Council’s first Community Group Engagement meetings this week.

Continuing its policy of open and positive engagement, Council issued an invite for incorporated community groups to meet with Council on a regular basis with quarterly scheduled meetings. The meetings are designed to allow groups to speak direct to the Mayor, councillors and the CEO about issues that affect their group while also discussing ideas, initiatives and endeavours that could benefit the city.

The Whyalla Tourism Focus Group, Whyalla Art Group and the Whyalla Golf Club were the first to take up the offer with meetings on Monday night this week in the Council chamber. The D’faces youth art group were also scheduled for a meeting but had to cancel due to member availability reasons.

An idea and initiative by Mayor Clare McLaughlin, the meetings were declared a success.

“We had three tremendous meetings with the groups on Monday night with lots of information, ideas and discussion going back and forth,” Mayor McLaughlin said.

“I think the groups that attended were appreciative of the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Council and I know the elected members certainly got a lot out of it and enjoyed the evening.

“Our elected members are already out there in the community but these informal meetings allowed them to learn even more about the community groups and the group members gained an even better insight into how Council works and how they can work with Council.”

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Given the opportunity to explain what they do in the community, the groups were also asked to put forward three key points for discussion on the evening. Everyday Council operational matters are not included on the agenda.

Some of the key points raised by the Whyalla Tourism Focus Group included the need for more signage in the city for tourist attractions, the group’s need for administration support and the next steps needed to maximise the future opportunities for Whyalla business and the community.

The Whyalla Art Group asked about promotional opportunities the Council could provide, assistance to better engage with the community and put up an idea to create a school of visual arts in Whyalla.

Noel Goldsworthy, representing the Whyalla Golf Club, gave an update on the financial state of the golf and bowls club, passed on thanks for $10,000 from Council to assist with a lighting project at the bowls club while making an enquiry about land to the north of club that has been earmarked for development.

The next round of Community Group Engagement meetings will be held in April with a date to be announced.

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