Piles making their way out to sea


LINING UP: Six of the eight piles that have been driven into the seabed for the new jetty.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Maritime Constructions continue to work with Ferretti International’s Whyalla operation as the new jetty main support piles make their way out to sea.

Eight piles have now been driven into place with the Adelaide-based Maritime Constructions working with Ferretti to ensure the right pile levels are achieved for the pre-fabricated concrete deck.

For these piles to be structurally sound they must hit solid material during the piling process. In doing this the first eight piles have been driven further into the seabed than anticipated, causing them to be lower than the required height for the jetty.  Extensions will be added to the top of these piles in situ to raise them to the required height.

Council Director of Infrastructure Kristen Clark said this work on the piles continued the local effort and co-operation for the jetty in line with Council’s aim to include as much local materials and labour as possible in the new structure.

“Some of these piles may seem uneven at the moment but they are simply waiting for new sections to be welded into place,” Kristen said.

“These welds are actually stronger than the piles themselves which will make this structure even more sound.

Future piles will be driven out of sequence to gain an understanding of the varying hardness of the sea floor.  This will then be factored into calculating the required pile lengths going forward and allow Ferretti to weld and coat piles before they are transported to the jetty site. 

With these piles being placed outside the immediate construction zone Council would like to re-iterate the importance of boats to remain outside the exclusion zone.

A total of 102 piles will be used for the new jetty.

Any enquiries on this project, or others, can be made by calling Council on 8640 3444 during office hours, by submitting a customer enquiry on our website or via the free My Local Services app which can be downloaded at


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