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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The City of Whyalla is assisting the South Australian Education Department following the discovery of asbestos material in a carpark at the Whyalla Stuart Campus R-7.

An independent inspection and laboratory test of the samples, taken from the crushed concrete base of the carpark, determined that the asbestos-related material present was non-friable (not easily broken) and therefore low risk.

To further mitigate any possible risk, the carpark has been fenced and the surface coated with a PVA sealant. Removal of the affected gravel will occur once all necessary approvals have been obtained, which is expected to be on the weekend of November 2-3.

As a result of the school asbestos discovery, Council has taken a risk averse approach and is now undertaking a detailed investigation with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to ensure there are no other areas of concern in Whyalla.

Anyone that has purchased crushed concrete, and still has it exposed, in the last 12 months in Whyalla is advised to contact Council on 8640 3444 during office hours, by submitting a customer enquiry on our website or via the free My Local Services app which can be downloaded at

City of Whyalla CEO Chris Cowley said Council takes the issue of asbestos in our community very seriously. It maintains strict measures on asbestos in all Council operations and is available to help out any facility and residence in Whyalla that believes it may have an asbestos contamination issue.

“Asbestos is an issue in all communities, especially in a city like Whyalla that has a history of asbestos going back to the old ship yard days,” Mr Cowley said.

“Council monitors all material that goes in and out of the Mount Laura Waste and Resources Recovery Centre for asbestos and encourages residents and businesses to declare any asbestos in their loads so it can be disposed of safely.”

Council undertakes testing for asbestos contamination prior to crushed concrete being sold from the Mount Laura Waste and Resources Recovery Centre.

Anyone that suspects they have asbestos on their property, and wishes to remove it, is advised by Council to contact an accredited asbestos removal expert.  For more information on asbestos go to

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