Council acts on illegal dumping reports

Council Conservation Cleanup


MAINTAINING THE SURROUNDS: The illegal dump site was cleaned up with the help Wesley Social Enterprises (WSE) 

The City of Whyalla has jumped into action after local resident Paul Fennell reported an illegal dumpsite out past the western entrance to the Whyalla Conservation Park.

Thanks to this report and other reports from residents, Council were then able to negotiate a clean-up of the illegal dump site using the local Wesley Social Enterprises (WSE) which sent out a crew to get the job done.

Council CEO Chris Cowley said this was a good example of Council and the community working together to identify and clean up some unsightly spots around town.

“We can’t be everywhere at once, so we welcome any and all assistance when it comes to reporting these illegal dumping sites,” Mr Cowley said.

Paul Fennell is a volunteer at the Whyalla Conservation Park and is urging residents and tourists to be responsible when on conservation land to help keep our parks free of litter and waste.

“We volunteers are few and far between and we need everyone to do their bit, we aren’t asking much but to just clean up after themselves and respect the land they are on,” Mr Fennell said.

The State Government’s ‘National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972’ prohibits, among other things, littering, breaking of glass, removal of wood mulch or other dead vegetation, scientific research and bringing animals into reserve. For a full list of rules and regulations refer to the legislation on

To help combat illegal dumping, Council reminds all residents that each household is entitled to one hard-waste pick-up every year thanks to Bedford Phoenix. This is not only handy for all households; it also assists people without access to transportation. To arrange your free hard-waste pick-up call Bedford on 8647 7711.

Failure to comply with these regulations carries a maximum penalty of $1000.

Check on website to ensure all your items are acceptable for collection. You will need to place the approved items out in a neat pile at the determined collection date.

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