Fish farming issues discussed


City of Whyalla officers and elected members have met with Point Lowly shack owners to hear their views on the proposed relaunch of Clean Seas operation in the region.

Council CEO Chris Cowley led a delegation of council officers and elected members to a meeting with shack owners on Friday (May 10). The delegation heard from shack owners on land-based, and other, issues regarding the aquaculture venture.

Clean Seas has proposed to relaunch its kingfish farms in the waters off Point Lowly. The operation involves farming kingfish at sea before harvesting them for sale. The company’s first venture in the region was closed in 2010.

Mr Cowley said the meeting had been a constructive one that had given Council a clearer direction on the issue involved in the land-based operations of the project.

“As the controlling body for any land-based activities involved in the Clean Seas farm proposal, it is important for Council to consider all stakeholders,” Mr Cowley said.

“We initiated this meeting with the shack owners to give us a clearer picture of what issues would be involved for those residents when it comes to a fish-farming commercial operation that requires a nearby land-based component.

“Council doesn’t have any control over the approval process in setting up a fish farming operation in our waters but we do have a responsibility to the surrounding shack owners, and all Whyalla residents, when it comes to a business that will use land-based facilities and infrastructure.”

Using the feedback from the shack owners, Council officers will now prepare a report to go to the elected members for consideration at the May ordinary meeting.

Clean Seas is holding a Community Information Session for Point Lowly shack owners tonight (Monday, May 13) at 6pm in the Lighthouse Cottages’ conference room. For further information contact Clean Seas on 0428 831 712.

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