A brief rundown of the April ordinary Council meeting


A snapshot from the City of Whyalla ordinary meeting on Monday, April 16, 2019.

PUBLIC QUESTION TIME: No questions submitted.

YOUTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Chanelle Smith gave an update of YAC activities.


Community Grants: There was a recommendation for the latest round of Community Grant funding totalling $23,400.

The organisations recommended to be accepted in their applications were Whyalla Road Safety Centre LED Park Lighting $3500; Tanderra Craft Village Medieval/Multicultural Fair $5000; Wildlife Rescue Whyalla/Surrounding Area Wildlife Rescue $4900; South Whyalla Football Club Club Facia & Signage $5000; North Whyalla Football & Sporting Club 100 Year Celebrations $5000. This was carried.

Dog and cat registration: There was a recommendation that Council increase the non‐standard dog (not desexed or microchipped) registration fee by CPI (Dec 2018) at 1.6% to the nearest dollar and that a 50% rebate applies to this fee for standard dogs (desexed and microchipped). This recommendation also included a 10% rebate for trained dogs. This was carried.

The registration fees for dogs and cats in 2019-20 will be:

Non‐Standard Dog (not desexed & not microchipped) $67.00

Standard Dog (desexed & microchipped) $33.50

Non‐Standard Cat (not desexed & not microchipped) $67.00

Standard Cat (desexed & microchipped) $17.00

Rebate for standard trained dogs set at an additional 10% reduction on the Standard Dog registration fee making this registration fee $27.00

Cat management program: There was a recommendation that Whyalla be a trial site for the Shirley Brine Community Cat Management Project. The project will be run over two years to see the effectiveness of desexing unowned and semi‐owned cats in the community in relation to the number of stray cats in the community. This was carried.


Tree of Remembrance:  There was a recommendation that Council approve a fee of $450 for each plaque on the Tree of Remembrance Wall at the Whyalla Cemetery. The wall was constructed as a means of memorialisation for those persons whose ashes have been spread elsewhere outside of the cemetery grounds. This was carried.

Street naming: There was a recommendation to appoint Ms Geraldine Gillen to the position of community representative on the Nomenclature (Street and Place Naming) Working Party and update the Terms of Reference. This was carried.

Stormwater Management Plan: After extensive public consultation, there was a recommendation that Council adopts, in principle, the Stormwater Management Plan and refers the document for inclusion in Council’s Strategic Management Plan. This was carried.


There were no Notices of Motion, Questions on Notice, Questions without Notice or Motions without Notice.

This a brief summary of the business conducted at the meeting. The exact minutes of the meeting will be available in the near future on the council website.

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