Sanjeev Gupta signs sponsorship win for Whyalla


NEW PARTNERSHIP: Port Adelaide Football Club President David Koch with Sanjeev Gupta during the sponsorship announcement at Alberton Oval.

Mayor Clare McLaughlin has described the Port Adelaide Football Club’s new AFL sponsorship with Sanjeev Gupta as a “percentage-boosting” win for Whyalla.

Mayor McLaughlin was speaking from Alberton Oval on Saturday where the Port Adelaide Football Club held a community day to announce a personal joint major sponsorship from Mr Gupta to fly under the name of his Gupta Family Group (GFG).

Mr Gupta is the executive chairman of GFG Alliance which owns and runs the Whyalla steelworks and associated mines as well as many other companies throughout Australia and the world. This money has, however, come directly from Mr Gupta’s pocket as he branches out into sport sponsorship for the first time with a deal he says will have major benefits for the Whyalla community.

The five-year deal signed by Mr Gupta will aim to have the Port Power AFL side play a JLT pre-season game in Whyalla in 2020, hold community days starting next week and provide sporting and life pathways for youth in our community.

“This sponsorship of the Port Adelaide Football Club personally provided by Mr Gupta will not only shine another big spotlight on Whyalla, it will also have enormous benefits for our community,” Mayor McLaughlin said.

“With the help of Mr Gupta’s sponsorship, we are going to see a growing AFL presence in our city which will include games, community camps, training sessions, life lessons, meet and greet days, sportsman’s nights … it really is like a percentage-boosting win for Whyalla.

“It is going to give our youth opportunities to aspire to, not just to play AFL, but to also take some healthy choices on whatever path in life they take, through the training and mentorship the Power are going to provide.

“It is also going to provide an economic boost to the city and an increased presence on the national landscape.

“When people watch television and see the Power playing a game or holding a community camp here, it will shine a whole new light on Whyalla.

“The whole of Australia will not only be seeing Whyalla as an AFL destination, they’ll also be seeing what we’ve got to offer in lifestyle, tourism and business opportunities.”


COMMUNITY GOALS: Sanjeev Gupta and his family are joined by Port Power players and supporters at Alberton Oval.

Mr Gupta confirmed Whyalla was his prime consideration when signing up for the Port sponsorship and he sees himself as a conduit between the iconic national football club and the benefits that will flow to Whyalla with this deal.

“Whyalla was my key motivation in accepting to do this sponsorship,” Mr Gupta said.

“Sport is a key to social and community development and a key part of human spirit.

“If I use the example of GFG Cadets scheme which is about taking children to industry plants, showing them the processes and inspiring them, this sponsorship is even more than that because when it comes to sport and football, the kids can actually participate and be inspired early.

“Sport can get them in that aspirational mindset where they want to grow, want to do more and want to make Whyalla great because that’s what I want to do … make Whyalla great.”


BRINGING POWER TO WHYALLA: Port Adelaide President David Koch and Whyalla Mayor Clare McLaughlin with an example of the GFG Alliance logo on a Port Power jumper.

Port Adelaide President David Koch reinforced the education and healthy living message when he said the Sanjeev Gupta sponsorship wasn’t just about Port Adelaide and football.

“Education is really big for us,” Mr Koch said.

“We like to come to communities so local kids, members and fans can see the players play and train but they are also very active about going into the community with the message that you should stay at school and finish your education because that is what all these AFL stars have done.

“We are really excited about embedding ourselves in the Whyalla community, you don’t need to be a Port supporter to enjoy what we are going to bring, it’s about being part of the community, part of footy and living a healthy life.”

The Power will conduct its 2019 Community Camp in Whyalla on Monday, February 18.

As part of the camp, up to 37 Port players will visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens and football clubs to brush arms with locals who they might otherwise not get an opportunity to meet. 

The club will host a free junior coaching clinic at Bennett Oval from 4:30pm-6pm on Monday afternoon. At the same time, Power assistant coach Jarrad Schofield and development coach Scott Thompson will be hosting a coach education forum at the Weeroona Bay Football Club for all junior and senior coaches. 

A Sportsman’s Dinner will be held at the West Whyalla Football Club from 6:30pm for a 7pm start with all money raised during the visit going back into local football in the region.



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