Two free dump days in March



POPULAR: Many residents took advantage of Council's half-price dump day last year.

The City of Whyalla is offering residents two free dump days next month to celebrate Clean Up Australia Day.

Residents will be able to dump household rubbish for free at the Mount Laura Waste and Resource Recovery Centre on Saturday, March 2 and Saturday, March 16 this year. This includes loads up to the size of an 8x5 trailer but doesn’t include hazardous waste and is not open to commercial operators.

Clean Up Australia Day is officially on Sunday March 3 with Council extending the celebration for two days of free Saturday dumping. The City of Whyalla has, in the past, run community days where people gather to clean up the city but interest in these has been waning with Council deciding two free dump days may do even more to keep the city and its surrounds clean.

Council CEO Chris Cowley said the free dump days would also be a big saving for residents.

“We thank everyone that has come along over the years to help clean up the city at the community days … now it is your chance to take advantage of these free dump offers to get rid of your own rubbish and save a bit of money,” Mr Cowley said.

“With these two free dump days, there should be no need for anyone to illegally dump and we continue to urge people to think about not littering or dumping around the city.

“Council has crews that take time to clean up the city all year round and hopefully these two days will make their job that little bit easier too.

“If any community group would still like to run a community clean-up day, Council is happy to support it and provide free disposal of the rubbish collected.”

Community run clean-up days need to register their activity on the  website to qualify them for free dumping.

“We ask residents to not all turn up at 10am on the first day because that will cause long queues and test everyone’s patience.” CEO Chris Cowley

Chris explained that Council is still charged by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for the waste dumped on the free days but he felt the free dump days were a good way to celebrate Clean Up Australia Day while also giving something back to residents and the community.

“We had big line-ups at last year’s half price day but everyone was really patient and appreciative … we are hoping the free days will be even smoother with no need to process payments.

“We’ll also have extra workers on duty during the day to further help things run smoothly.”

General household rubbish and green waste will be accepted on the day with inspections still in place to ensure waste is not contaminated. The resource centre will be open between 10am and 4pm but the gates will be closed at 3pm with only the cars on the service road allowed in from that point to allow processing before 4pm.

“Because we are offering this free dumping over two days, there’s no hurry to come on the first day and there’s another free day on March 16,” Chris said.

“We ask residents to not all turn up at 10am on the first day because that will cause long queues and test everyone’s patience.”

For further information contact Jo-Anne at the City of Whyalla on 8640 3444 and you can view our regular landfill disposal information at

If you are unsure what you can take to the landfill on the free dump day, flick us an email at and tell us what you’d like to bring out.

NOTE: Hazardous waste not allowed on free dump day includes asbestos and chemicals.

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