Chelsea Carey spreads the word about our city


WE LOVE WHYALLA: Chelsea Carey (white dress) celebrates the successful weather broadcast with Whyalla locals.

Chelsea Carey hasn’t just broadcast Whyalla throughout South Australia on live television … she’s also started to spread the word herself about how great our city is.

The Channel Nine weather presenter was in Whyalla on Thursday to tour the town with a News film crew and present a live weather forecast from the foreshore. It was all part of the We Love SA Nine News Road Trip with Chelsea and the crew touring the Eyre Peninsula for five days.

Leading up to Thursday, Chelsea urged Whyalla locals to come down and be part of the Whyalla broadcast and almost 100 people took up the invite.

“I can’t get over how friendly everyone is here, everyone just treated us like friends,” Chelsea said after the broadcast.

“We had close to 100 people here to help with the broadcast. It is, hands down, the biggest crowd we’ve had on our tour.

 “We were starting to get a bit tired after such a big week but the incredible vibe from this crowd has lifted us again.”


LOCAL CONTENT: Chelsea Carey poses for photos after the live weather forecast

Before heading off to Port Augusta for the final leg of the tour, Chelsea hung around at the foreshore on Thursday evening to have photos taken and chat with the locals who turned up. Her experience in Whyalla has left a lasting impression and she’s vowed to keep spreading the word about our city.

“We went kayaking in the marina and saw the dolphins, it’s been an incredible experience,” Chelsea said.

“I’ve been telling everyone in Adelaide to come up and see what you guys have.

“People don’t understand there is such more than just the steelworks here, you have so much to offer.

“From meeting people here you can tell how proud everyone is of the town, how happy people are and there is a genuine feeling of hope … you guys have such a bright future ahead of you.”

Chelsea and the Nine News crew were hosted by Whyalla Visitor Centre Team Leader Teresa Coles and assisted by the City of Whyalla as they toured the city. They went kayaking with Sonny Phillis from Dolphin Treasure Hire.


LOCAL SUPPORT: Chelsea Carey during the live weather forecast the foreshore.





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