There will be a malleefowl display at the Alex Ramsay Community Hub next week


INFORMATIVE: Barbara Murphy teaches a group of children about the malleefowl this week at the library.

To kick off this year’s malleefowl breeding season, Natural Resources hosted two school holiday sessions at the Whyalla Library about "The Amazing Mound-building Malleefowl".

In sessions hosted by Natural Resources Officer Barbara Murphy, children heard the story of "the incubator bird" and learnt why saving what’s left of our mallee habitat is so important for the survival of this nationally threatened species.

The kids had a bit of fun playing "the habitat game", an adaptation of musical chairs that demonstrates what happens when there is no habitat left for malleefowl to live in. It was then craft time as they created their own malleefowl habitat with everything malleefowl need to survive and breed.


TAKE CARE: Motorists are asked be extra careful when travelling in malleefowl country.

"We hope kids heading off on camping trips these school holidays are lucky enough to spot a malleefowl in the wild," Barbara said.

"Only two in 100 chicks survives to adulthood so we urge motorists to slow down where they see malleefowl signs along our roads so these amazing birds have a better chance of surviving to breed a new generation of chicks this season."

There will be a malleefowl display on at the Library for the rest of this week. Next week it will move to the Alex Ramsay Community Centre where it will be on display until the end of the month.


ON SHOW: Part of the malleefowl exhibition at the library this week and the Alex Ramsay Community Hub next week (see map below).


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