The House with a Clock in its Walls screens today at the Middleback Arts Centre


Today is the final Sensory Friendly Screening at the Middleback Arts Centre for the October holidays with The House with a Clock in its Walls showing at 11.45am.

Sensory friendly screenings allow families to enjoy their favourite films in a safe and accepting environment where kids are free to get up, move around, shout or sing.  The cinema lights are dimmed and the movie volume lowered for sensitive ears.

The cinema at the arts centre will be open on Sunday for school holidays with G-rated moves like Smallfoot, Christopher Robin and the PG-rated Teen Titans Go! To The Movies and The Housewith a clock in its Walls screening during the holidays. There's also a school holiday combo deal which includes popcorn, drink and an ice cream.   

For more information call the Middleback Arts Centre on 8644 7300. 


The sun is out in Whyalla so if you're still looking for something to do with the kids ... why not have a barbie?

The City of Whyalla provides FREE barbecues in some great spots around town. So grab a few snags, some chops, onions and bread and get out to any one of the spots listed below to have some quality family time around the barbie and the surrounds.

Whyalla's FREE barbecues are electric and operated by the simple push of a button. Council has staff that regularly clean these barbecues but, obviously, if you use them it would be super nice if you gave them a bit of wipe down after you've finished for the next people to enjoy.

Here's the list of FREE barbecues around Whyalla:

-          Wetlands

-          Myall Place – Scoble Street Reserve

-          Ada Ryan Gardens

-          Foreshore

-          Wilson Park

-          Civic Park

-          Jessop White Park

-          Ocean Eyre Reserve

-          Maritime Museum

Oh, and don't forget the sauce!


The Whyalla Maritime Museum is continuing its cool “X-Marks the Spot” pirate adventure every day of the school holidays right up to this Sunday, October 14.

X-Marks the Spot is a swashbuckler school holiday program that young pirates can enjoy. Get your boots on and make your way under Scallywag’s Staircase and go through Skeletons Closet or Black Beards Boardwalk. You can also venture to Captain Puffy-pants’ cave or the Eye Patch Theatre.

If you can find the seven hidden Treasure Bottles throughout the maze to unravel the code you’ll claim a prize. This great activity is an approved program with the Children's University Australia.


While you’re there, you can book a tour of the HMAS Whyalla Pirate Ship. It will run every day of the school holidays at 11.30am and 1.30pm.

All pirate children in family groups have free admission during the school holidays. Call the Whyalla Visitor Centre at Lincoln Highway on 8645 7900 for more information.

Don't forget, if you've got a non-profit, community event on this week, we can add it to the list. Email it to



School holidays have started and the Ultimate School Holiday Guide has plenty of stuff to do that is free, fun and can be done virtually any time during the day.

That includes any one of our 23 playgrounds in the city and region. Council has finished, or has all but finished, a whole heap of new play areas around town including the Wilson Park upgrade, Travers Street, Field Street, Ada Ryan Gardens and Pt Lowly.

The most recently finished playground was at Pt Lowly which has some great equipment including a pirate ship multi-play unit, bowl spinner and some adult fitness apparatus.

So, if you're looking for something free and easy to do with the kids these school holidays, just head down to your local playground and jump on some of the latest equipment while enjoying the surrounds.

We still want to hear about any not-for-profit, community events happening over the school holidays. Email the details to

In the meantime, we challenge you to have a play at all 23 playgrounds this school holidays. Check them out below:

Whyalla Foreshore (Park, Playground)  

Location: Cudmore Terrace

Features: Beach, shaded playground, lawn area, toilets,

drinking fountain, fitness equipment, BBQs, bike and

walking paths, sculpture, liberty swing


Ada Ryan Gardens (Park, Playground)  

Location: Watson Terrace

Features: Playground, gardens, public tennis and basketball

courts, drinking fountain


Miriam Hickey Reserve (Playground)  

Location: Barson Street

Features: Fenced playground, shelter, seating, lawn area


Wilson Park (Park, Playground)  

Location: McBryde Terrace

Features: Playground, tennis and basketball courts, shade trees, picnic tables, seats and

shelter, BBQs, lawn and garden area, toilets, sculpture of

ship’s rudder, skate bowl


Whyalla Wetlands (Park/Trail)  

Location: Lincoln Highway

Features: Natural space, walking trails, interpretive signage,

viewing and parking area, BBQ, shelter, picnic benches,

lawn area, toilets


Coolibah Reserve (Playground)  

Location: Coolibah Court

Features: Playground, half basketball/netball court, shelter,

bench seats, lawn area


Bradford Street Reserve (Playground, Oval)  

Location: Bradford Street

Features: Playground, oval, half basketball/netball court,

shelter, picnic table and bench seats, toilets, cricket pitch


Trevan Reserve (Park, Playground)  

Location: Trevan Street

Features: Two playground areas, shelter with bench seat,

lawn area, natural space, bike tracks


Shambrook Park (Playground)  

Location: Russell Street

Features: Playground, half basketball and netball court,

lawn area, shelter, bench seats


Tyler Crescent Reserve (Playground)  

Location: Tyler Crescent

Features: Playground, half basketball and netball court,

lawn area, picnic table, shelter, bench seats, shade trees


Myall Place Reserve (Park)  

Location: Scoble Street

Features: Large feature snake sculpture, BBQ, picnic table

and seats, shelter, drinking fountain, lawn area


Civic Park and Schulz Reserve  

(Park, Playground, Oval)

Location: Nicolson Avenue

Features: Playground, basketball court, skate park, bike

jumps, BBQs, shelters, picnic tables, natural space, toilets,

oval, cricket nets/pitch, fitness equipment


Travers Street Reserve (Park, Playground)  

Location: Travers Street

Features: Playground, half-court basketball and netball court. Open but landscaping still to be done


Norton Park (Park, Playground)  

Location: McRitchie Crescent

Features: Playground, half basketball/netball court, lawn

area, shade trees, shelter with bench seat, natural space.


Jaycee Park (Playground)  

Location: Bowden Street

Features: Playground, half basketball and netball court,

lawn area, shelter, bench seats


McGee Family Park (Park, Playground)  

Location: McGee Street

Features: Shaded playground, half basketball and netball

court, lawn area with soccer goals, BBQ with picnic tables,

natural space, hard paths, drinking fountain.


Abraham Reserve (Park, Playground)  

Location: Abraham Drive

Features: Playground, half basketball and netball court,

lawn area, shelter with bench seat


Loring Street Reserve (Playground)  

Location: Loring Street

Features: playground, half basketball and netball court,

shelter with bench seat, lawn area


Parfitt Street Reserve (Park, Playground)  

Location: Parfitt Street

Features: Playground, lawn area, natural area, picnic table,

bench seats


Ocean Eyre Reserve (Park, Playground)  

Location: Johnston Place

Features: BBQ, shelter, picnic table, playground, lawn area


Field Street (Playground)  

Location: Field Street

Features: Play area including flying fox


Geddes Street (Playground)  

Location: Corner Geddes, Campbell and Winton

Features: Play area including lawn and a half court


Pt Lowly  (Playground)  

Location: Pt Lowly

Features: Play area including a pod swing, spinner bowl, dolphin springer, swings, adult exercise equipment and multi-play pirate ship unit.


Our gardens at Ada Ryan are looking spectacular and the birds are singing in the wonderfully-kept aviaries. Come down and see Good Boy and his galah mates, along with a whole stack of native feathered friends. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket and make a day of it. You can even have a hit of tennis or slam dunk a few baskets on the courts.


Children around Whyalla have a special opportunity to Be A Munchkin For A Day” when’s production of The Wizard of Oz Interactive Show comes to the Middleback Arts Centre in Whyalla during the October school holidays.

With more than 4600 performances internationally, Australia’s thriller kids interactive show sees kids join in the adventures of Dorothy, Shakey the Scarecrow and friends down the yellow brick road in this exciting, new re-telling of one of the most magical children’s stories of all time.

As part of the show’s initiative to take drama workshops to regional Australia, the Oz cast will conduct a Drama Workshop before the show on Thursday, October 11 from 9 to 10am, introducing children to elements of tableaux, expression and voice.

These children will then get to show off what they’ve learned as they appear on stage as the wacky, colourful inhabitants of Munchkinland.

The Workshop costs $12.20 per child and you need to book your place in advance by calling the theatre.

In Whyalla, the show will also feature local students from Hip Hop Bounce while the audience is invited to bring along a toy or book to go towards the show's Hospital Toy Appeal.

More details at 

Performance: Thursday October 11 at 10.30am Middleback Arts Centre, 141A Nicolson Ave, Whyalla Norrie.  Tickets $15-$19.

Pre-show Drama Workshop: 9-10am. Cost $12.20.

Bookings: 8644 7300. More information:


If you're looking for something free and interesting, the Mt Laura Homestead Museum will have free entry for children accompanied by an adult during the school holidays.

The museum is a complex of buildings including 1922 sheep station homestead telling the story of the early days of Whyalla, an original BHP workman’s cottage of 1914, an engine shed and the Telecommunications Museum with a range of historic items from the overland telegraph era to modern satellite communications. 

It is open Monday to Friday 10am - 3pm. Sunday 1pm to 4 pm or by appointment.

Where: Ekblom Street (off Nicolson Ave, behind Westland Shopping Centre).  Phone: (08) 8645 4213, 0417 861 705


The crew at D'faces are running a Life Lessons youth art project.

Running from October 2-12, the Life Lessons youth arts project involves Whyalla Aged Care residents, the Whyalla Writers Group and two visiting Adelaide artists. Participants will explore history and how much has changed across generations to put on a preformance/art display for the community at a facility BBQ on Friday October 12 at Annie Lockwood Court at 12 noon.

Enquiries can be made by emailing or ringing 8645 1265.


Gowrie SA runs two playgroups over the school holidays and every week - Wednesdays 1-3pm and Thursday 10am-12 noon. All the playgroups are free and snacks are provided. 

There is no booking required, just come along. There is, however, a registration form which goes into the data system and families will receive upcoming information and flyers regarding the Gowrie SA playgroups and parenting programs. The playgroups are for ages birth to 5years but during school holidays they are open to all ages.

The playgroups are run at Bunyarra next to the church. For more information call Carmen on 0481 441 122


At the library there’s still a chance to get involved in the last activity for the break.

Don't go to pieces over Christmas, there's a Puzzling Craft session on Thursday at the Ekblom Street library.

Numbers are restricted to the library events and some require booking. Ring the library on 8645 7891 for more information.











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