Whyalla has another two official Aussies


OFFICIAL AUSSIES: Dr Imun Nahar and her daughter Mahzabeen Saima with their certificates.

The people of Whyalla and our city’s relaxed lifestyle were just two of the reasons Dr Imun Nahar and her daughter took Australian citizenship recently.

Dr Imun and her 10-year-old daughter Mahzabeen Saima took the national pledge and accepted their citizenship certificates from Mayor Lyn Breuer last month and couldn’t be happier.

Dr Imun and Mahzabeen moved to Whyalla in February this year after immigrating to Australia from Bangladesh in 2011. Living and working in Adelaide, the offer of a job with the Flinders Avenue Surgery, the prospect of warmer weather and some close friends in Whyalla convinced them to make the move.

“We have some good friends in Whyalla and, yes, it is a bit warmer here than Adelaide and much more sunny,” Dr Imun said.

Dr Imun, naturally, has a lot of contact with people and finds the simplicity of the lifestyle and the easy-going nature of Whyalla people as one of the most enjoyable parts of her new home. While she admits to sometimes missing the busy pace of her former home in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and home to 20-million people, Whyalla is now home and presents a whole new range of opportunities for the pair.

“There is a simplicity in the lifestyle here and people are so easy to get along with,” Dr Imun said.

“I do miss the crowds of Dhaka a bit but we have very good friends here in Whyalla and life if more easy-going.”

Mahzabeen is attending Sunrise Christian School and wants to work with wildlife when she finishes her studies.

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