Bev Wise has lived in Whyalla almost all her life and now she's an official Aussie

bevwiseBev Wise said she felt like a bit of “fake” when she accepted her Australian Citizenship last month but she shouldn’t … she’s not only a true Aussie, she’s officially a true Aussie now.

Bev, pictured, has lived in Whyalla for nearly 50 years after emigrating from England with her family as a six-year-old. Hailing from the London suburb of Enfield, Bev came out from England with her mum and dad, three siblings and with another on the way.

Bev’s fitter and turner dad had scored a job with BHP in Whyalla and the big adventure started with a cruise-ship passage to Australia. Growing up in Whyalla, Bev now has her own grown-up family and it was that family of two daughters that jokingly suggested she should make her Australian status official.

“I’ve always felt like I was an Aussie, it’s not like I’ve got an English accent or anything like that,” Bev said.

“I just never got around to it (citizenship) and the girls joked they were going to get me deported if I didn’t make it official.”

Bev is now a proud official Australian citizen after taking the national pledge and accepting her citizenship from Whyalla Mayor Lyn Breuer. She’s also glad her parents made the decision back in 1969 to move to Australia.

“Whyalla was a good place to grow up in and a good place to bring my kids up in,” Bev said.

 “I remember riding our bikes out bush and having picnics at Mt Laura, walking everywhere around Whyalla and having lots of freedom.

“When I started work and even now it isn’t hard to get to work and get around town.

“Dad had the choice of Canada, South Africa and Australia when offered a job by BHP … I’m glad he picked Australia and Whyalla.”

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