Job-skills training was on the agenda when Whyalla Mayor Lyn Breuer met with Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack


POSITIVE MEETING: Whyalla Mayor Lyn Breuer in Port Augusta with, from left, Port Pirie Mayor John Rohde, Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey, Member for Frome Geoff Brock, Member for Stuart Dan van Holst Pellekaan, Port Augusta Mayor Sam Johnson and Australian Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.

Mayor Lyn Breuer has elevated Whyalla’s campaign to bring more job-skills training to the city and region.

The mayor met with the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack recently and was quick to impress on the nation’s second in the charge the importance of skills training in Whyalla and the Upper Spencer Gulf.

The deputy leader was in the region and met with the Upper Spencer Gulf mayors who, along with local State and Federal representatives, were holding a quarterly meeting in Port Augusta. Mr McCormack is also the National Party leader and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

Mayor Breuer said the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister was an ideal opportunity to put the spotlight on the issue of accessible training opportunities in Whyalla and the Upper Spencer Gulf with industry expanding and a host of new projects starting or in the pipeline.

“It was a positive meeting and I’m sure the Deputy Prime Minister got a good understanding of what is required in Whyalla and the Upper Spencer Gulf when it comes to job-skills training,” Mayor Breuer said.

“I think Mr McCormack gained a good appreciation of the exciting developments here and what is required to continue this remarkable growth we are seeing.

“Myself, Sam Johnson (Port Augusta Mayor) and John Rohde (Port Pirie Mayor) were able to make Mr McCormack aware of the importance of having our local workforce ready when these jobs start coming about.

“The projects are coming and we have the facilities here in the region, we now need programs, funding and buy-in from all stakeholders to make it all happen and make sure our local workforce and kids coming out of school can take advantage of these new job opportunities.

“As the Upper Spencer Gulf we are keen to work with industry, government, the education sector and other agencies to pull this all together and provide world class training facilities to create a skills-ready workforce able to work and live in our wonderful region.”

Mayor Breuer said the co-operation between the three Upper Spencer Gulf cities was a key in attracting the necessary government funding and support for these training services and infrastructure.

The meeting was made possible by Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey who was hosting Mr McCormacks’s visit with state members for Stuart and Frome, Dan van Holst Pellekaan and Geoff Brock also present.

 “It was a good opportunity to present our three cities as a strong region working together and discuss some of the other issues pertaining to us such as the new renewable energy projects, mining projects and regional roads,” Mayor Breuer said.

“The co-operation being shown between Whyalla, Port Augusta and Port Pirie as the Upper Spencer Gulf is the sort of collaboration the Federal Government recognises and gives us a better chance of obtaining vital funding to help kick along these exciting projects happening throughout the region.”


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