The City of Whyalla delegation inspected solar/aquaculture operations that could work in Whyalla.


INNOVATIVE: The solar/aquaculture farm at Zaozhuang.



It was a 6am check-out to get to the bullet train in time. After a three-hour train ride we arrived in Zaozhuang.

Zaozhuang is a city of 3.5 million people in a transition from coal-mining shutting down and moving to clean tech and alternative industries to support the city.

In many ways this small city, by Chinese standards, is very similar to Whyalla.

We were shown an innovative solar park of 50mw combined with aquaculture which was commissioned on June 17 this year.

The site tour was impressive, however, being outside in 38 degree heat with 70% humidity was a bit oppressive.

The solar park is 1000ha is size and is built on top of a collapsed coal mine which utilises the depression to farm fish under the panels.

The same company also showed us models of other sites which incorporate solar power with greenhouse agriculture.


MODEL TECHNOLOGY: A model of the solar/aquaculture technology at Zaozhuang.

We indicated that combining solar technology with an industry which creates jobs is certainly an area we wish to explore further for Whyalla.

We returned at 5:45pm to the bullet train station to depart for Qingdao which is four hours away.

The train arrived in Qingdao on time at 9:45pm. After a short taxi ride we arrived at our hotel at 10:15pm with another big day ahead on Thursday. We are all pretty tired but excited at the same time with what we are seeing and the opportunities that we can see for Whyalla.

Our first meeting on Thursday (today) is with Austrade at 9am.

Council CEO Chris Cowley, Director of City Growth Kristina Roberts and Tourism and Economic Development Manger Elisa Bu are in China to pursue more business opportunities, industries and jobs for the City of Whyalla.   


STATE OF THE ART: Chris Cowley (second from left) and Kristina Roberts (second from right) with staff from the solar/aquaculture company in Zaozhuang.


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