Cleanaway has done an audit on the content of our green-lidded bins

Way to go Whyalla … we’re dumping our doggy doo in the right place.

Cleanaway, the company responsible for picking up our kerbside waste, has just completed an audit of Whyalla’s organic waste by sorting through 60 green-lidded bins. It’s all part of their partnership with the City of Whyalla to help people recycle right and do the right thing by the environment.

wasteIt seems the message that dog poo can go in the green organic bin is getting through, but we still need more pizza boxes and food scraps, and less contamination.

The Cleanaway crew worked out that 8.7% of the waste in the bins audited was pet poo. That’s 50kg of poo from just 60 bins.

Looking at improvements, we’re still not putting enough food scraps in the green bins. Food made up only 1.23% of the stuff sorted from the randomly-chosen green bins in the audit.

On the downside, there was 5.3% contamination. That’s too high and can spoil the matter being turned into valuable compost.

There were plastic pots, florist foam and flower wrappers, kids’ party items, a nappy, and some soft plastics. Somebody even put an electric drill in their green organics bin!

Cleanaway Education Officer, Linley Golat, was one of the dedicated people sorting through our waste to help us and the environment. She was keen to push the message that food scraps are okay in the green organics bin.

“Overall, I think we can be pretty happy with the results,” Linley said.

“There is a real positive message there that the community is doing well but we all need to put more food scraps in the organics bin.”

For more information on what can go in your green bin ring Council on 8640 3444, Cleanaway on 1300 559 206, the Recycle Right Hotline 1300 137 118 or go to

  • Just three bins had food scraps visible at the top and 11 out of 60 had contamination evident with two of the latter having no green waste at all
  • The average weight of green bin contents was 13.8kg with average estimated fullness of 70% (828kg and just over 8m³ of material was audited)
  • Food scraps was 1.23% by weight and 0.5% by volume
  • Contamination was 5.3% by weight and 3.35% by volume
  • Contamination included plastic pots, florist foam and flower wrappers, kids’ party items including table cloths and disposable eating ware, carpet, 1 nappy, an electric drill and some soft plastics.
  • No pizza boxes were found in the 60 bins audited
  • In total there were 50kg of loose poo and pen sweepings (straw and poo) with 8.7kg of loose poo
  • 57% of the total volume in the bins was cuttings and prunings

FOOTNOTE: Ten out of ten for the Cleanaway crew in sorting through this stuff and coming up with these figures. Next time you have a crappy day at work … think about doing this sort of work.





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