The students at Hincks Avenue Primary School are getting stuck into a Council/Cleanaway education program


CLEANING UP: Hincks Avenue Primary School students, back, Sharny Binell, Khallie Millowick, Mitchell Beaty and, front, Sian Rennie, Cody Williams and Ace Andal get stuck into the waste audit.

Whyalla school students are showing the way when it comes to waste recycling and management.

Education Officer for Cleanaway, Linley Golat made a visit to Hincks Avenue Primary School last week and was impressed with the progress of the waste education program. Cleanaway is the contractor for City of Whyalla’s kerbside waste collection.

The committed teachers at Hincks have been working with their students to learn about waste and recycling in Whyalla. The students learned which items go in which bins … the red waste, yellow recycling and green organic and where the materials from each bin end up.

The students then did a waste audit to look at what kinds of waste they are creating at school.

Using grant funding, Hincks Primary School has recently purchased and installed a 3-bin system in each classroom and the students and staff have embraced this more sustainable waste management system. To test the impact of these new bins, the same class completed another waste audit.

The second audit showed that the new bins have made a huge difference with most of the recycling and organic waste going into the right bins and therefore being diverted away from landfill. With Linley’s help, the students sorted the small amount of waste that is still going to landfill to see if further improvement can be made.

As an education officer, Linley sees the waste from lots of different schools and she was really impressed how well the students are staff at Hincks are doing at minimising landfill.

“The students and the school are doing a great job and when I discussed waste, recycling and compost with the class, they really knew their stuff!” Linley said.

“These students are setting a really good example which is important because they are the future of sensible waste management and will take these lessons home with them too.”

‘Nude food days’ is the next project for Hincks Primary School to tackle – this will further reduce the amount of landfill created at the school as students bring waste-free lunches to school.

City of Whyalla and Cleanaway offer workshops, presentations and waste audits to all schools and kindergartens in Whyalla and those already involved include Nicholson Avenue, Whyalla Town, Long Street and Memorial Oval Primary Schools and Whyalla Stuart and Neta Kranz childcare centres.

For more information on these workshops contact Council on 8640 3444.


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