A DJ-driven music festival will boast world-class list of performers

Ada Ryan Gardens comes to life again this month with the first Hidden Music Festival in Whyalla.

The DJ-driven music festival boasts a world-class list of performers including headline act Will Sparks who has become a world-wide sensation on the turntable.

Will is best known for his singles Bring It Back and Ah Yeah So What. He has toured America, Europe and Asia and played at festivals like TomorrowWorld, Stereosonic and the Future Music Festival.

WilSparksOther acts include Bombs Away, Brynny, Tyron Hapi, Seek N Destroy, Combo!, Fresh Death, Short Round and YROR? with another 13 acts on top of that for the Whyalla festival on Saturday April 21.

City of Whyalla Tourism and Events Officer Rebecca Neilson said it was another chance for Whyalla to show it can host big events.

“It’s another great opportunity to showcase Whyalla as a vibrant and progressive city when it comes to entertainment, arts and culture,” Ms Neilson said.

 “It’s a real coup to have this sort of event coming to a regional city like ours.

“We’ve got some of Australia’s best DJs coming to Whyalla for a world-class festival.

“Ada Ryan Gardens is an ideal venue for this sort of event and allows Council to ensure it is an enjoyable and controlled event for all those attending and everyone else in the community.

“The event promoter is working closely with Council to ensure the gardens and wildlife are looked after.”

The Hidden Festival follows another successful Whyalla uneARTh Festival in the Ada Ryan Gardens which boasted two days of live music. Council has gone to great lengths to ensure the birdlife in the garden’s aviaries, trees and environment will be protected and safe for this festival also.

Whyalla Councillor Tom Antonio has checked out the logistics of having another music festival in the gardens and given it the thumbs up in regards to the gardens and birds. Cr Antonio is a passionate and avid bird keeper. He has been a member of the Whyalla Bird Society for over 20 years.

“There should be no problems for the birds with this festival,” Cr Antonio said.

“The aviaries will be outside the fenced festival area and there are buildings and trees which will dampen the noise, between the birds and the festival.

“We’ve seen from the Australia Day celebrations and the uneARTh Festival that general amplified music won’t be a problem for these birds.

 “Loud, sharp noises or bangs like fireworks are what can bother birds the most.

 “As a Council we are very careful with the welfare of these birds and I’ve personally talked to a lot of people to make sure there is no risk.”

Council garden crews kept a close eye on the birds during the uneARTh Festival and reported no health concerns while the Hidden Festival will have extra protection for the birds with covered fencing putting the aviaries outside the festival entertainment area.

Ms Neilson said the Hidden Festival would be huge for music fans in Whyalla who wouldn’t normally get the chance to see these sort of acts and would be a big plus for our economy.

“Whyalla has shown it is capable of hosting big events and providing top class entertainment for people of all ages in this city,” Ms Neilson said.

“Council is always keen to support and help these sort of events because they bring a lot of people to Whyalla and are a real economic boost for the city.

“Accommodation providers stand to benefit and there will be flow-on benefits for shops who should do a roaring trade on that weekend.”

More information on the festival can be found online at

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